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Anna Souvignier

Hi friends of the circular economy and fellow yogis,
I am Anna, I am 27 years old and together with Sophie I founded hejhej-mats. I really like great marketing, however, after dealing for almost 5 years with the topic, I started to question myself if I can achieve more with the skills I was equipped with than selling more and more stuff to more and more people. As in my private life sustainability always had a decisive role I decided to do my Master Degree in Sustainability Management. As Sweden is the place to be when it comes to sustainability, I went to Malmö to do my Master there. Sweden was also the place where the idea for hejhej-mats was born and fostered. Now the hejhej-bag, the first closed-loop yoga mat bag, is the next step towards a circular and more sustainable future. Join us on our way to revolutionize the yoga industry in a closed-loop way.

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hejhej-bags - closed-loop yoga bags

The hejhej-bag is the first truly sustainable and closed-loop yoga mat bag that combines two products - bag and yoga belt - in one.
30,156 € (302%)
hejhej-bags - closed-loop yoga bags

hejhej-mats closed-loop yoga mats

The sustainable and recycled yoga mat makes your yoga practice unique and comfortable as well as reduces the amount of plastic waste on our planet.
22,770 € (114%)
hejhej-mats closed-loop yoga mats