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Jacopo Borrini

Jacopo Borrini


I started the Stuck Magazine project to create a community of artists and to start up constructive conversations that inspire, to invite people to follow and interact with the creative world.
I think the knowledge-driven era is very interesting and unlimited. More knowledge means less fear, more knowledge means opening up to new cultures and ways of thinking.
Getting to know why an artist reacts in a certain way and how he succeeds by unlocking himself in front of a social problems is a powerful tool and can inspire many people.
I do not consider myself in a defined category, I like to be able to learn what interests me and try to know as much as possible about it. Moreover, I graduated as a graphic designer and I am a photographer in my free time, also I'm opening up a tavern to make the public feel at home and to resume the idea of community.

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STUCK Magazine Issue 000 | Born Out Of Odd Circumstances

STUCK Magazine Issue 000 | Born Out Of Odd Circumstances

We are launching our first print issue of STUCK Magazine - a deep dive into hidden subcultures through narrative journalism and independent art.

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