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Jessy James LaFleur


My name is Jessy James LaFleur,
I am a travelling spoken word and rap artist, wandering the million paths of this earth as a nomad since almost 14 years, always on the quest for new adventures to write about.
I'm made of multiple citizenships, followed education in Belgium and I am currently residing in Berlin/Germany.
I've lived in 15 countries together with my beloved suitcase and the strong belief, that this world can become a better place for all of us just through poetry and rap music!
I gave up my 'socially accepted' life in order teach and to promote my idea of spoken word at the age of 16.

I speak 6 languages and use 3 of them (German/French/English) to write and interpret my creations.
I've performed my poems world wide, amongst others in Australia, India, France, Belgium, Austria, Poland, UK, Luxembourg and Estonia...

My vision of spoken word is; 'to stand up for those who can't speak up for themselves'.
I therefore teach creative writing and Slam Poetry in places like prisons, orphanages and schools, to help young people to build a strong self confidence all through the magic power of writing and HipHop music.

Apart and for that I am currently organising/hosting 4 poetry events (3 of them monthly) in Berlin, Bernau and Hannover.

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DOMA - A home for a paper plane
Audio drama

DOMA - A home for a paper plane

The 1st SpokenWord-album by Jessy James LaFleur! Heartfelt poems in 3 different languages, accompanied by experimental and classical music.

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