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Lea Randella is a twenty-nine years old upright bass player from Cologne.
She has been working in the music business for nine years as a professional live and studio upright- and electric bass player, songwriter and producer.
She got her first music lessons with the age of four and started touring with bands when she was fourteen.
Her personal motto is „Always stay hungry for new knowledge“. She is always looking for new challenges. Currently, she studies audio engineering at the University of West London.
The restless bundle of energy uses to play more shows in a year than the year has days. During a show she often does spectacular stunts with her bass which is bigger than she herself. In scores of concerts all over Europe and the United States on famous events like Wacken, Summerbreeze, Hamburger Harley Days, Motorcycle Jamoureé and Namm Show, she made it to the top of the rockabilly scene where people call her „the queen of double bass“.
But meanwhile, not just the rockabilly/psychobilly scene is her home. She also uses to play in jazz, country, bluegrass, punk, metal and pop bands.
So she has been working with Rockemarieche (DE), Ski´s Country Trash (DE), The Reverend Andrew James Gang (DE), Krüger Rockt!(DE), Big Fat Shakin (DE), Trash Yard Trio (DE), Danny and the Wonderbras (DE), Mike Zero (DE), Dirty Boogie Orchestra (DE), Sazerac Swingers (DE), Glen David Andrews (USA) to only name a few.
She also has numerous TV appereances on ZDF, ARD, WDR, RTL, PRO7, Center TV, SWR, NDR and ORF to her credit.
Her special ability is the upright bass slap style. People from all over Germany visit her popular rockabilly slap bass workshops in Cologne.
Lea Randella proudly endorses Blast Cult basses, Rotosound strings, Ortega guitars and Deuce bridges.

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Peggy Sugarhill & Rockemarieche  The first album!

Peggy Sugarhill & Rockemarieche The first album!

Cologne tradition meets American spirit of the 50s and pop appeal of today. New Rockabilly sung in Kölsch (Cologne idiom), made with love, for YOU.