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Luiza Quintanilha


Luiza was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1997. She studied Fine Arts at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and had her work in various museums and exhibition spaces exhibited, such as in the "Hélio Oiticica" museum and the women's art festival "Ladeira das Mina ” in Rio. During the presidential election in 2018, she worked as a filmmaker in the women's rights collective “Juntas!" producing videos for political actions. At the time, she also worked teaching languages and history in underprivileged communities in Rio. Her experiences in political protest and social engagement, are a big influence in her work today.
Luiza studies Film and Arts at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, in Germany, and has been working as a freelance filmmaker in Kassel, Leipzig and Berlin since 2016. In addition to her own films, she worked as an art director, camerawoman and sound designer in diverse film productions. The main point of her artistic production lies on the social-political movements in Latin America.

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