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Raphael Fellmer

Deutschland / Berlin

I love challenges and I love to change the world. After an experimental monelyess road- and water trip from The Netherlands to Mexico in 2010 I started to live moneyless in Berlin to create awareness for the waste of resources, the responsibility we all have for our planet and the possibilities we have today to live the change we want to see in the world. In 2012 I founded the foodsaving movement, where people save surplus food from supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries etc. In the last 4 years we saved more than 7 million kilograms of food distributed from 3.200 businesses by 24.000 Foodsavers.

After five years without money I started using money again to tackle global food waste. In August 2016 I founded Sharecy social business which empowers foodsaving all over the world, on a small and big scale for private individuals, from charities to businesses. Through an efficient mobile and web app, we match conventional food businesses with food waste organisations or companies and facilitate their cooperation to save resources, CO2 emissions and money. With Sharecy we want to raise awareness for food waste and show how everyone can be part of the solution, from corporations to individuals. Our vision is a world without hunger where no food is wasted.

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50% less food waste now!

50% less food waste now!

With you, we save food! We demand the abolition of added value tax on expired food from the German government via ePetition!
Take food rescue to all of Germany

Take food rescue to all of Germany

With SIRPLUS you do good for the environment and save money! With your support, we can bring this ingenious concept close to you. ♥Thanks to you!
SirPlus - the food outlet shop with delivery

SirPlus - the food outlet shop with delivery

We save perfectly edible food from being wasted and offer it at a discount online or in our food outlet store in Berlin