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Alessio Trevisani

Deutschland / Berlin

Alessio has been working as choreographer and artistic director of the company of Leipziger Tanztheater for the last 8 years.
Former member of Tanzfabrik Dance Company in Berlin, Alessio Trevisani co-initiated in 2000 the project sox36 in Berlin Kreuzberg, the showcase at Oranienstrasse 154, a public space, a minimal space for visual arts, dance and theater. In 2003 he won the German dance prize for best solo at the German dance platform. He gained important personal and artistic experience during his work with the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen for the Leipzig Opera House and during his work stay in New York in 2005, where he worked as assistant to choreographer Roseanne Spradlin. In 2007 he was resident choreographer at the Palucca School with Tanzplan Dresden. Since 2006 he has been teaching and creating dance works for the Berlin-based Theater Thikwa, a professional theater company with a serious mix of abled and abled performers and since 2011 he has been creating 8 successful choreographic works for the company of LTT.
Alessio's work is sensual and dynamic. He combines acting with movement and performance in his choreographies as well as in his teaching. He continually prods and seeks authenticity in the non-rational, sensual/somatic realm, allowing him to offer as much to young students learning dance as to the professional actor, and enables collaborations time and again with visual artists.
Alessio came to Berlin from Rome in 1992 on a DAAD scholarship.

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Tanztheaterprojekt Schrebers Visionen

Tanztheaterprojekt Schrebers Visionen

Premiere am 29. Juli um 20.30Uhr im Kleingärtnermuseum in Leipzig (Aachener Str. 7)


Wir haben vor einem Jahr unsere Theatergruppe "StreetBikeTheatre" gegründet und touren damit durch die Straßen von Leipzig, Deutschland und Europa, um den Menschen in ihrem Alltag zu begegnen und...
Tanz-Zentrale - künstlerischer Tanz für ALLE

Tanz-Zentrale - künstlerischer Tanz für ALLE

Wir wollen die innere Bewegung der Seele, also TANZ, für alle zugänglich machen - unabhängig von Vor-Erfahrungen , von Leistung oder von vorherrschenden Ideen, was Tanz ist oder sein könnte und...