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Ulrich Balss

Deutschland / Bremen

I have been a music producer at JARO Medien for over 30 years and started a photo book series 4 years ago. "Past & Present"
At Startnext I already had 3 successful campaigns, 2 music projects and my last book project about New York. The new book about Tuva is a matter of the heart for me!

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JARO Medien GmbH

Terra Incognita Tuva - A photobook

A journey among nomads, shamans and musicians on the border to Mongolia, a photo book plus music CD & DVD documentation about throat singing
7,506 € (100%)
Terra Incognita Tuva  - A photobook
Hazmat Modine

Hazmat Modine "Box of Breath"

"BOX OF BREATH" is the new studio album from the New York based HAZMAT MODINE
15,700 € (105%)
Hazmat Modine  "Box of Breath"
Ulrich Balss

New York "Past & Present"

Photoband New York 1928 - 2018 Tagebücher, Fotos historisch und aktuell plus Musik-CD
6,160 € (103%)
New York "Past & Present"