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My name is Zainab Lax and I am born and raised in Germany.

I am multi-instrumentalist and musictherapist and my main Instrument is Harp. I have a western classical background but I have later on also been focussing on several eastern instruments like the Indian Sarod and the Iranian Tar.

Since 2006 I also play in an ethnic music band Culture Resonance

with my brother Sadretdin Lax and my sister Atiya Noreen Lax.

I decided to focus on transcultural musictherapy because I have a

multicultural background with roots in germany Turkey, India Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, which made me a flexible person with cultural empathy and the ability to easily adapt to other cultures.

Music has always given me identity and I want to share it with those having experienced rootlessness.

In 2017 I graduated as a music therapist at ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede/ Netherlands.

During that study I have gained more knowledge about several music

therapy methods and had the chance to do my 9 month internship with music therapist Jaap Orth, who is working with traumatized refugees at the psychiatric hospital ProPersona in Wolfheze/Netherlands.

In my projects I have cooporated with Connecting Hands, Stichting Vrolijkheid, Musicians without Borders, Connect by Music and Landesmusikakademie NRW.

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Zainab Lax


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