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As the team of 38 members behind ACUD MACHT NEU, the independent art space and cultural venue in Berlin, Mitte, we are asking collectively for your support! Because of the closure of the house many of us lost their main income source and do not know how to move on in the next months. We are kindly asking you - the audience, the community, the neighbors - to consider donating.
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We reached 8000€ - Thank you all for your support!!

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We love you: WE REACHED 8000€!!
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A call to our audiences, our community, our friends, the art communities we are connected to, the art lovers and our local neighborhood: You have one week left to share and support our cause:…

The Kunsthaus ACUD was founded in 1991 by a group of artists in an empty tenemant house on Weinbergspark in Berlin-Mitte. In 2014, ACUD MACHT NEU was able to rescue the house from foreclosure. Since then, together with the long-established operators of the ACUD Theater and Kino, they have filled the house with a rigorous program of concerts, readings, exhibitions, plays, talks, screenings and performances.

ACUD MACHT NEU is a counter model to growing social and cultural segregation and exclusion, maintained by economic displacement and profit maximization. As a result, the question of the possibilities for new forms of community and unity in times of social dissolution and increasing individualization, and the role that urban spaces like ACUD can assume, is a constant theme.

SAVE ACUD MACHT NEU, its team needs your help!