Sweden Revisited 1996 + 2016
Twenty years after my first trip, I am returning to Sweden in a vintage Volvo 245 and my analog Hasselblad camera. I want to visit the people I photographed then, and create a new photo book: “Sweden Revisited 1996 + 2016.” Leaving technology behind, I’m traveling “old school” with paper maps, and listening to music on cassettes. My itinerary is online at: www.schweden-1996-2016.de/reiseroute-2016/
3,169 €
15,000 € 2nd funding goal
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Christoph Rau
Barkhausstraße 19
64289 Darmstadt

Ich bin Fotograf und Locationscout in Darmstadt (Hessen). Einige meiner Fotobücher können Sie hier online anschauen: www.issuu.com/christoph-rau
Meine Website: www.christoph-rau.de
Website des Foto-Projekts "Scheden Revisited 1996 + 2016": www.schweden-