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We need your help to invest in new kegs and to keep them sparkling clean! Furthermore we don´t want to use single-use Plastic Kegs anymore.

Target 1: At the moment we clean and sanitise our kegs by hand, which is very wasteful and time-consuming work. With your support we will invest in more kegs and a small keg washing machine to keep our taproom beer flowing and our important b2b customers stocked more quickly and easily. Target 2: To buy more kegs and undertake refurbishments in the brewery.
Funding period
3/8/23 - 5/5/23
Spring 2023
Minimum amount (Start level): 12,500 €

1. To invest in a keg washing machine.
2. To buy more kegs and undertake urgent refurbishments in the brewery.

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Simian Ales needs a Keg Washing Machine!