Crowdfunding finished
This year I want to bring out my second smalltape album as 180g double vinyl. But for that I need your support! Only with your help I can finance the pressing of "THE OCEAN“. At the same time we can contribute to the protection of the oceans. That means: if we reach the funding goal and the vinyl pressing is financed, every additional donation will go to the environmental organization "One Earth - One Ocean e.V." (OEOO). Also I will donate 10 % of the sale price of "THE OCEAN".
5,271 €


Philipp Nespital
Philipp Nespital1 min Lesezeit

I was thinking a lot about what happened during the last weeks. So many people helped to achieve a goal, so many people got active. Not only by liking or sharing, but by giving something of their own. That’s so much support. This is an incredible feeling. The most touching thing is that it shows me what the word TOGETHER means. It’s more than just an idea, it can be pure change. This gives me hope. Our oceans are a plastic mess, we are guilty and that’s a fact. But I think there is a small chance for changes, given by what we can do TOGETHER .

Thanks to all of you who supported me and this project, I'm unspeakbly happy!

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