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Sonata - Part 2 of the Choreopornography Trilogy
Following 2013's contemporary dance film QUINTET - a choreopornographic experiment, SONATA is the second part of a trilogy exploring the boundary between pornography and art. Starting from the dance improvisation scores we developed to make QUINTET, SONATA will focus mainly on sound. We will deal with desire through voice and movement - creating unique erotic images.
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David Bloom
David Bloom1 min Lesezeit

Dear SONATA supporters,
The DVDs were all shipped out yesterday, so should arrive as soon as Monday (Germany) or later (Australia)... let me know if they've arrived safely.
If You contributed towards receiving a download of QUINTET, and haven't received that link yet, that may have been due to some strangeness happening with my IP address some time ago. Please email me again at [email protected] and i will get You that link asap.
Again, thank You all so much for your contributions and have relaxed and awesome holidays!
David B.

Sonata - Part 2 of the Choreopornography Trilogy