Successfully replaced the plastic spoon with spoonies? ☑ Check! With our sustainable plastic alternative, we have already been able to replace morethan 2 million plastic spoons. But we don't want to stay with edible ice cream spoons only, our innovative idea is to replace single-use plastic in all its forms! For this we need your support, together we can make the world more sustainable step by step.
5,065 €
Rosalie Mesgarha
Rosalie Mesgarha / Projektberater
Yay, the project rocked it and the campaign is successful!
 Spoontainable 2.0
 Spoontainable 2.0

About this project

Funding period 11/4/20 11:49 AM - 12/6/20 11:59 PM
Realisation February 2021
Minimum amount 5,000 €

Mit unserem ersten Fundingziel können wir die erste Produktion der essbaren und nachhaltigen Kaffee Rührstäbchen finanzieren.

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City Heidelberg
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Spoontainable UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Julia Piechotta
Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Ring 5
69124 Heidelberg Deutschland

Nachhaltige und essbare Plastikalternativen für den Single Use Gebrauch aus natürlichen Rohstoffen.