Those who know us know how long we have been working on a dream for everyone. We have not only designed festival stages for many years, but we are also one of the few platforms for alternative culture in Halle. We have been expanding this space for 7 years now and have always financed ourselves through external projects. The shutdown now brings us standstill just before the finish line "official opening". External jobs have been cancelled and the opening has been postponed indefinitely.
30,088 €
60,000 € 2nd funding goal
 - Rettet Station Endlos  -
 - Rettet Station Endlos  -
 - Rettet Station Endlos  -
 - Rettet Station Endlos  -

About this project

Funding period 3/24/20 11:07 AM - 5/9/20 11:59 PM
Realisation 23.03.2020 bis 19.04.2020
Funding goal 60,000 €
Category Music
City Halle (Saale)
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Endlos Industries KG
Leonhard Schumann
Reideburgerstraße 54
06116 Halle/Saale Deutschland
Theaterhaus Ensemble wird corona-safe!
Theaterhaus Ensemble wird corona-safe!
Ihr helft uns beim Überleben der Coronakrise und wir singen euch was. Damit wir weiter Theater machen können, mutig bleiben und solidarisch.
3,579 € 9 hours