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We're a Berlin comedy songs duo called STICKY BISCUITS and we do neat, nerdy and naughty tunes about things like the reasons people go into particle science, the impending zombie apocalypse and the sexual proclivities of certain russian leaders. Help us finish our first album and create videos for the new songs.
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Album Release Concert in Berlin!

Marc Seestaedt
Marc Seestaedt1 min Lesezeit

Hey Kids,

our Album - funded by you - is out since last month and already has made many people happy :)
We've had a lots of shows and some radio play with the new songs, and now we'll finally present the whole thing live in Berlin! And you Backers have FREE ENTRY, obviously!

Monday, August 25th, 8pm, at LAGARI (Pflügerstr. 19, 12047 Neukölln, Berlin)

FB Event:

Since we added all kinds of ridiculous extra instrument + vocal parts to the songs in the studio (papal choir, anyone?) we feel obliged to follow through and thus will have guest musicians for some songs. oh yeah. a whole STICKY BISCUITS barrel.

If you want to make sure you have a seat, please reserve one via an email to [email protected]

(for those not able to come, f.e. because they're on the other side of the ocean ;) we'll film the whole thing and will make it available for you)

see you Monday!
Naomi + Marc

P.S.: this'll be the last Startnext Blog Update, for more news please follow us here:



Marc Seestaedt
Marc Seestaedt1 min Lesezeit
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