Save the original: Germany's oldest Surf & Travel magazine needs your support to survive the impact of the pandemic. The surf industry was hard-hit by the crisis, forcing the majority of brands to pull their ads. But we are not ready to give up just yet! Now, we're looking to the community to pull us through. Help us fund the 20th anniversary edition of the BLUE yearbook and keep this piece of printed tradition alive. Every contribution helps. THANK YOU!
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Funding period 5/5/20 8:19 AM o'clock - 6/15/20 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period as of now until 06/15/2020
Funding goal 35,000 €

Once the funding goal is reached, we fire up the printing presses and produce the yearbook in the quality you've come to expect.

If we collect more money, we'll put in the extra work for our international readership and include an insert with all texts in English!

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Surfrider Foundation Germany

Since 1990 Surfrider Foundation Europe has been committed to the protection and sustainable use of the seas, waves and coasts. HELP US – KEEP THE OCEAN CLEAN!

Surf Film Nacht

Since 2010, SURF FILM NACHT has been bringing the most important independent surf movies to the screens in 40 cities in Germany, Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland every quarter.

Dani Garreton & Stevie Gee

DANIELA GARRETON grew up in Chile, a country with more than 4.000km of coastline, the sea soon became her life passion. // STEVIE GEE exhibited his art in cities like New York, Berlin, Bali, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo and London.

To be continued!
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To be continued!
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Save the Place
Hilf mit, um Tanzhaus West & Dora Brilliant über die Krise zu retten!
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