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Dancing is healthy: Movement, music, non-verbal communication — pure wellbeing! Only one thing has bothered us: wearing high heels. They are anything but healthy and can lead to serious subsequent damage. Should we really do that to us? We believe we can do very well without high heels. That’s why we developed a dancing shoe that is beautiful and elegant, yet comfy and foot friendly at the same time.
1,583 €
14,700 € Funding goal
Project finished
 Elegant and foot friendly dancing shoes (Rose & Ricky)
 Elegant and foot friendly dancing shoes (Rose & Ricky)
 Elegant and foot friendly dancing shoes (Rose & Ricky)


Funding period 12/14/19 2:40 PM o'clock - 1/31/20 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period April 2020
Funding goal 14,700 €

The minimal number of necessary pre-orders (150) times the number of the cost per pair (98 Euros).

2nd Funding goal 49,000 €

That's what we would have at 500 pre-orders. This would give us enough confidendence to develop a second shoe model.

Category Fashion
City Münster
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Anna Doebler & Ulrike Doebler GbR
Anna Doebler
Stickamp 78
48161 Münster Germany

Telefon: 0251 28706107

"Aquilegia" - Kurzfilm
Movie / Video
"Aquilegia" - Kurzfilm
Ein Tagesausflug zu einer einsamen Gefängnisinsel vor Kroatien. Was kann schon schief gehen? Helft uns, dieses Projekt zu verwirklichen!
5,971 € (60%) 31 days
Monasteria Rock Festival
Monasteria Rock Festival
Die Veranstaltungs- und Medienagenturen des Tank mit Frank Festivals präsentieren erstmals Ihr neues Open-Air-Event: Das Monasteria Rock Festival.
5,290 € (42%) 6 days