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THE FLOOD is a story that is recounted in 30 songs (almost 80 minutes). Words and music by Anis (June - Oct. 2012). Styles: rock, blues, ballade, ragtime, country, folk, soul, reggae, tango, 6/8, shanty, bossa nova a.o. Plot: A man loses his memory in a shipwreck and falls in love on an exotic island where he meets the peoples of the beach, the mountain and the woods and gets confronted with an injustice. The legendary John Henry is part of the story, too.
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Funding period 10/01/2013 13:36 o'clock - 17/03/2013 23:59 o'clock
Funding goal reached 3,800 €
City Mainz
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What is this project all about?

THE FLOOD deals with love, war, forgetting, remembering and the philosophy of action. The piece is set in an exotic island world, which is reflected in the laid-back sound, with an acoustic guitar, percussions instead of a drum kit, a flute, a slightly amplified bass and several voices.
The first inspiration for the songwriting came from a long fasting experience. For more background info see the interview at . There you will also find the lyrics. The audios are demo recordings, made with a Handy Zoom Recorder.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The five band members are now in the process of rehearsing and want to enter the studio soon to record and produce the whole CD. We are biting our nails, so to speak. If this startnext project succeeds there will be a label to produce the CDs and to care for the listings and distribution.
The scope of the potential audience is rather broad and reaches across age groups, as the songs feature catchy tunes and grooving rhythms. I wanted to write something that moves people, something they like and that does them good. This is why I use the acoustic guitar with more than two thirds of fingerpicking and less than a third strumming. Many songs are sing-alongers, you might want to try one ...

Why would you support this project?

To realize the project we need you, because we are doing all this out of passion and love - a euphemism for "without budget". You can listen to earlier recordings via the jukebox of Anis Online, I provided many audios and a lot of literature and art for free.
THE FLOOD is much more than just another CD: Not only do we fully use all the 80 minutes that a CD can hold (so it basically is a double album), I will provide seven of the mp3s online for free downloading (!). Moreover, a big poster with the island and scenes from the songs will go into print. Later, there will (hopefully) be an interactive THE FLOOD Online Art Festival. Of course we also plan concerts. Your support will be a special encouragement for me as a songwriter, because in my mind I am already with THE FLEET, the second part.
Would you like to be part of all this right from the start? Then come and join us on our island!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Every cent goes into the production:
Ca. 1600 € cost 1000 CDs including registration and entering distribution system
Ca. 1200 € for the studio
Ca. 300 € for the A1 posters
Ca. 200 € for flyers
Ca. 200 € for guest musicians
Ca. 300 € for postage (e.g. rewards) and props
Ca. 3800 €

Who are the people behind the project?

The whole idea of the project and all the material is from Anis (Anis Online) who also does the production and direction.
The band are: Lorenzo Colocci (flute), Miriam Isa (vocals), Andreas Schermer (bass), Marius Todor (percussions), Anis (guitar and vocals).
Sabine Yacoub helps with photography, graphic design, facebook page and more.

Project updates


(Deutsch:) Die ersten THE FLOOD Studio-Songs sind oben auf dieser Seite frei als Audios erhältlich! Jetzt kann man sich ein klares Bild davon machen, wie das Album klingen wird. Viel Spaß mit "Hold On Fast" (Nr. 1), "Stranger" (7), "Wonderful Girl" (10), "Mermaid Song" (26) und "Nonkilling" (29). Das Akkordeon spielt Peter Ihle aus Heidelberg. Die Musikproduktion dauert an, die Studiozeit wird doppelt so lang sein wie angenommen. Wenn du das Projekt unterstützen möchtest, auf Startnext oder durch eine Empfehlung an deine Freunde, dann ist jetzt die beste Zeit dafür. Am 17. März endet die Fundraising-Frist. Etwa drei Wochen später soll die CD erscheinen. (English:) Download the first THE FLOOD studio songs for free from this page as audios! Now you can get a clear picture of how the album will sound. Enjoy "Hold On Fast" (No. 1), "Stranger" (7), "Wonderful Girl" (10) "Mermaid Song" (26) and "Nonkilling" (29). The accordeon is played by Peter Ihle from Heidelberg. The music production is going on, studio time will be twice as long as envisaged. If you are thinking of supporting the project on Startnext or by recommending it to your friends, now is the best time. Fundraising will continue until March 17. About three weeks later the CD is due.

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