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300 medical volunteers per year - seeing 48,000 patients. That is the work of our organisation at a glance. Those 48,000 people come from Afghanistan, Syria, Bangladesh, Algeria, Pakistan, Iraq and other countries and are on the move. Their future: uncertain. Their stations: the same. We are helping where our help is needed. We are Medical Volunteers International.
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Elisa Palacios
Elisa Palacios Projektberater "This was a fantastic round of crowd financing."
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Privacy notice
 Our help on the ground!
 Our help on the ground!
 Our help on the ground!
 Our help on the ground!
 Our help on the ground!

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Funding period 11/12/21 7:23 PM - 12/24/21 11:59 PM
Realisation already running
Startlevel 10,000 €

Medical volunteers treat people on the move in Greece. To continue our work in 2022, we need your support.

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Medical Volunteers International e.v.
Benjamin Holm
Elebeken 8
22299 Hamburg Deutschland

Medical Volunteers International e.V. is an association that has set itself the task of recruiting medical professionals who volunteer in regions for a limited time in order to provide medical care to people in crisis areas or emergencies. We are MEDICAL VOLUNTEERS. We help where it is needed.
Our association is supported by people from all over the world who face the plight of the people on the borders with the so-called “1. World ”can no longer bear.

Many of our members are doctors, nurses or paramedics of different nationalities who have already been involved on site, especially in Greece, for years.

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