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vienna.transitionBASE - infrastructure for change
The vienna.transitionBASE offers room for projects of change. You can get to know a culture of sustainability, try out new things, network and contribute. Buildings of clay, straw and wood as well as areas that are kept natural for gardening and resting and offer inspiration for expression and evolvement. The tBASE is now opening as a platform to collectively create an example of joyful and sustainable living with additional, fascinating initiatives. And your support is needed for that!
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Charlott Roth
Charlott Roth Projektberater "Impressive how the power of the crowd became visible here."

Kurz und Bündig - Doro's Video-Ergänzung

Dorothea Ziegler
Dorothea Ziegler1 min Lesezeit

WAS macht ihr da auf der tBASE konkret?
Und WIESO wollt ihr da Geld haben?

Nochmal zusammengefasst in 1:46 min !

vienna.transitionBASE - infrastructure for change

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