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Projekte / Movie / Video
Vier Träume (Dokumentarfilm)
A doctoral candidate, a sailor couple, an airman and a marathon runner – they all are pursuing their individual dreams. This documentary portrays Emma, Theo & Rosmarie, Jürgen and Detlev and accompanies them a few steps on their paths of life.
5,160 €
4,920 € Funding goal
Project successful
 Vier Träume (Dokumentarfilm)


Funding period 30/05/2012 10:15 o'clock - 01/07/2012 23:59 o'clock
Funding goal reached 4,920 €
City Siegen
Category Movie / Video

What is this project all about?

Ever­yone has got a dream. But not ever­y­body is living it. There are various rea­sons for that, but how long should we put per­so­nal dreams on hold? The film “Vier Träume“ (Four Dreams) fea­tures people in their second half of life who are pur­suing a dream. Their sto­ries result in a 60-minute docu­men­tary which cap­tures the bio­gra­phies behind dreams while rai­sing ques­ti­ons about the prot­ago­nists’ wis­hes, chal­len­ges and priorities.

The protagonists:

Emma (61) com­ple­ted her matri­cu­la­tion after her child­ren had left home. She then star­ted stu­dy­ing eth­no­logy and anthro­po­logy. Her fasci­na­tion for sci­ence star­ted at an early age when she was still a young kid. She used to stand upon walls giving lec­tures to ima­gi­nary audi­en­ces. But atten­ding uni­ver­sity was uni­ma­ginable for Emma’s par­ents back then. They expec­ted her to start an ordi­nary job trai­ning. Howe­ver, many years later Emma was wil­ling to leave her apart­ment in Switz­er­land and to move into a stu­dent dorm in Hei­del­berg. Cur­rently, she is taking a doc­to­ral degree in neu­ro­an­thro­po­logy there, but she will have to move again soon. Her doc­to­ral advi­sor got sick, so by now she is loo­king for new opti­ons to con­ti­nue rese­arch and her PhD.

Theo and Ros­ma­rie (50 and 56) have lived a life with much work and little lei­sure time. Sixty- to seventy-hour weeks were the rule rather than the excep­tion. In addi­tion to that they had to manage on-call ser­vices during the wee­kends and at night. They used their small num­ber of vaca­tion days just to relax. In all these years, they were aching to get to know for­eign cul­tures by tra­vel­ling indi­vi­dually and wit­hout stress far away from mass tou­rism. In 2007, their lives chan­ged: they moved to a cata­ma­ran on which they spend about eight month each year sai­ling to dif­fe­rent spots. At the moment the Carib­bean is their sai­ling area. During hur­ri­cane sea­son 2012 and christ­mas they fly back home to Munich to be with their family and fri­ends. Soon after christ­mas, they are going to return to their life on the ocean.

Jür­gen (50) has been fasci­na­ted by aero­pla­nes since he was a child. Con­trol­ling an air­craft by him­self didn’t seem to be wit­hin the realms of pos­si­bi­lity. He con­side­red the pilot’s license to be too expen­sive and chal­len­ging. So his dream of fly­ing rece­ded into the dis­tance. One day, while he was on a sight­see­ing flight with an old “Aun­tie Ju“ (Iron Annie) expe­ri­en­cing early and strai­ght­for­ward fly­ing, the dream of his own pilot’s license grew. After atten­ding a trial les­son at a local flight trai­ning school, the deci­sion was made: he is going to get his own licence. Now only one fly­ing test keeps him from solo flights wit­hout instruc­tors and orders.

Det­lev (74) doesn’t want to miss out on a sin­gle dream. As a person who is always looking for new adventures and fresh challenges, he is often on the road around Olden­burg with his Haya­busa bike or he puts on his run­ning shoes for the next mara­thon. By now he has finis­hed more than 430 mara­thons – some of them at extra­or­di­nary spots (e.g. at the North Pole, at the Grand Can­yon, in Nepal or on a cruise ship). Run­ning keeps him fit and young, but as a mat­ter of fact he uses run­ning not just for the fun of it but also as a rea­son for tra­vel­ling. Still, every mara­thon is spe­cial to him – no mat­ter if the run is in a dis­tant coun­try or right on the doorstep.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

During my time as a paramedic I got to know a lot of sad human destinies and realised how fragile and valuable life is.As a consequence, I consider it to be important to take time for the things that really matter in life and to actively pursue plans and dreams. But of course, things do not always turn out the way you want them to. By accompanying the protagonists of my documentary, I would like to find out which reasons prevented them from achieving their dreams so far and which challenges and problems they are facing today.

The four stories of my protagonists will be gathered and told parallel in a 60-minute documentary. In order to get close and personal, the film does not use a voice-over-commentary. The final version will be in High Definition, colour and 16:9. Furthermore, there will be selectable English and German subtitles.

The documentary invites you to follow the protagonists a few steps along the way, learn about their thoughts and dreams and just might result in reminding you of your own delayed dreams in life.

Why would you support this project?

Anyone who supports this project has the opportunity to be part of a documentary-production from the very beginning. Apart from the rewards every supporter receives updates on the project status. The final result is not just my film, it is our film! It is thanks to you that my ideas actually come to life in a film.

This form of funding is a concept that leaves out classic decision makers of the industry or broadcasting stations. In a way it democratises culture!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

I did not start the project for financial reasons. Instead I think the stories of the protagonists deserve to be told and questions about personal dreams deserve to be posed. However, some money is needed in order to cover the expenses, which are:

- travel costs (shooting locations: Heidelberg, Mannheim, Leipzig, Halle (Saale), Arbon, Oldenburg, Marburg, Biggesee, Rennerod, Burbach, München, Caribbean and others),
- accommodation expenses (for multi-day shoots),
- dvd production,
- press kit,
- catering for the team,
- equipment insurance.

I have open access to camera equipment, an edit room and the necessary software for the post-production, which saves a lot of money. And of course in this case it is also a plus to have a crew of friends that are working for free.

Just in case the project got more funding than it was aiming at: I will then use every additional euro to improve the final film (e.g. by having more shooting days).

Who are the people behind the project?

My name is Jan and I am 26 years old. After finishing my training as a paramedic I started a degree in media studies at the Universität Siegen and as a study abroad student at the University of Auckland. In 2011 I graduated and enroled to a master's programme called „Medien und Gesellschaft“. Since 2004 I realised many video projects, also a few for German television broadcasters such as the ZDF and WDR.

I am fascinated by stories of old and experienced people, maybe because my grandmothers deceased quite early and I never got to know my grandfathers. This fascination led for example to a short documentary about a 74-year-old man, who sailed around the world when he was young or a 86-year-old doctor who implanted the first pacemaker in a german hospital.

Of course every documentary needs a team: Dustin will help me editing and shooting; Vicky (my girlfriend) will do the subtitling, help as a boom operator and do the still photography; and Marcel will work on the sound and compose the music.

Thank you for reading and supporting me! If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Legal notice
Vik­to­ria Höchst & Jan Wage­ner GbR
Jan Wagener
Im Elzgarten 8
57234 Wilnsdorf Deutschland


Steuernummer: 342 5835 5519

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