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We love yoga and the natural feel of cork under our hands - but not at the expense of the environment. That's why wildlines is developing a 100% recycled cork yoga mat in a circular economy, made in Portugal: The combination of the soft cork granules on the top and the cushioning mixture of used car tire rubber and fine cork granules enables you to practice holistic, sustainable yoga.
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 wildlines –  100% recycled cork yogamat in a closed loop
 wildlines –  100% recycled cork yogamat in a closed loop
 wildlines –  100% recycled cork yogamat in a closed loop
 wildlines –  100% recycled cork yogamat in a closed loop
 wildlines –  100% recycled cork yogamat in a closed loop

About this project

Funding period 5/8/22 12:09 PM - 6/6/22 11:59 PM
Realisation bis Juli 2022
Start level 10,000 €

Mit der Unterstützung wollen wir unsere erste 100 % recycelte Yogamatten-Bestellung aufgeben und Kreislaufwirtschaft, Lagerung und Vertrieb nachhaltig aufbauen.

Category Environment
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

For years, a yoga mat made of cork in combination with natural rubber has been advertised as the sustainable alternative. However, natural rubber mixtures are often used here, the mixing ratios of which do not have to be specified, similar to plastic production. These different material compositions often make successful recycling impossible.

In addition, our worldwide annual demand for natural and synthetic rubber has almost doubled from 2002 at almost 18 million tons to around 30 million tons by 2018 (Statista, 2022). Cultivated in Southeast Asia, the largest demand for rubber comes from China, closely followed by India and the EU (Environmental Dialogue, 2015). Because of its elasticity and resilience, natural rubber must be used for car and aircraft tires in particular. Every year rain forests are cut down to grow monocultures for natural rubber trees. This cultivation method is accompanied by serious violations of human rights such as violent resettlement and adverse working conditions for smallholder families. The valuable raw material has to be transported halfway around the world - if not even through further processing - around the whole world.

The sustainable cultivation of natural rubber is possible, but the licensing is very expensive, since in addition to the fair and transparent price, independent observers are also sent and the production and working conditions are observed and have to be witnessed.

Mit wildlines gehen wir einen anderen Weg: Wir haben die Vision, die erste Kork-Yogamatte in einer Kreislaufwirtschaft in Europa zu etablieren.

We do not use any new valuable resources, but use existing recyclable materials that are produced as waste products in industry. The top consists of 100% recycled cork granules, which feels soft and at the same time gives you the necessary support for your yoga practice. You can also benefit from the natural properties of cork, such as quality and performance, durability and lightness, as well as antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties.

The underside, a combination of 100% recycled fine cork granulate and car tire rubber, provides cushioning. Car tires are nothing more than rubber mixtures that often end up being burned or disposed of illegally in the environment after use. And since there are already enough used car tires, all the resources of our cork yoga mat come 100% from Portugall. Only the transport route to Germany is incurred.

A family-run company in the third generation manufactures your cork yoga mat with a lot of knowledge and love for the material. We know her personally and appreciate her wealth of ideas and her open exchange with us. Together with them, we want to establish a circular economy for our yoga mats, i.e. we collect used wildlines cork yoga mats at the end of their lives. The old material becomes the new material for the bottom of a cork yoga mat. In this way, no resources are lost.

It took us two years to be able to present this alternative to you according to our ideas and values. Let's think sustainably for our planet. For more ecology, fairness and transparency.

Love goes out
Mel & Jen

P.S. The most sustainable way to own a yoga mat is to use an existing one until you can't anymore. So only buy a mat when you really need it. <3

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The yoga mat is just right for you if ...

  • you really need a new yoga mat (continuing to use is often more ecological than buying a new one.)
  • you want to practice on a natural material like cork, which is soft, non-slip, performant, durable, light, antibacterial, antiallergic and ultimately recyclable.
  • you want to be sure where your mat really comes from.
  • you want to contribute to the sustainable circular economy in Europe.
  • you are looking for a favorite piece that you don't want to put away.

What do we want to achieve together with you?

  • Use existing materials regionally for a sustainable yoga mat and thus reduce the waste of resources on earth
  • Establish a circular economy for disused yoga mats in order to produce new ones from old mats
  • Establish fair working conditions, ecological production and distribution (short transport routes, verifiable origin, protection of nature) and transparent communication on the market
Why would you support this project?

With your support for a wildlines cork yoga mat you help to protect the precious resources of our earth and use materials that have already been produced that would otherwise be incinerated or illegally disposed of in the environment.

However, to ensure that this does not only remain with one life cycle of a mat, we will collect used mats in a recycling process and manufacture new mats.

You can expect a 100% recycled cork yoga mat that was manufactured in Portugal fairly and ecologically sustainable. The cork top and recycled rubber/cork bottom provide the perfect combination of softness, support and cushioning for your everyday yoga practice.

At the same time, you support two young, motivated founders to establish themselves on the market with their value-based, sustainable company and thus an alternative to common cork yoga mats. ] to offer.

With this campaign you can be among the first to own a 100% recycled wildlines cork yoga mat. Contribute to sustainability with a conscious purchase decision.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Since 2020 we have been investing a lot of time and even more money in our detailed material research from our own pockets. That's not even counting our hundreds of hours of design, marketing, sales, and shipping of our previous products.

Now that we have found our solution for an ecological, fair and transparently sustainable cork yoga mat, we need your support for the implementation.

  • 10,000 € for the first large wildlines order: We have been working with our cork producer from Portugal for 1.5 years and have already had our cork yoga blocks produced there. We want to commission the first mats by the beginning of June 2022 and have to pay in advance for this.
  • 4000 € for the establishment of the circular economy: We have already spoken to our cork producer from Portugal and want to set up the recycling cycle and the infrastructure for it. In addition, we have to do further tests with the old mat material to ensure the quality of our wildlines cork yoga mats.
  • 3000 € for a reliable shop system with accounting connection: Since we are currently handling our orders with Excel spreadsheets, we would like to switch to a shop system that has a direct accounting connection ready in order to sustainably save working time for the entire save team.
  • 2000 € for storage and shipping: We were so focused on the material research for the underside of our cork mat that we now have to take care of possible storage, processing and shipping.
  • 1000€ for sales and promotion: We want to expand our sales channels to share our message, our knowledge and ultimately our products with the people. In order to be seen, we also have to advertise.
Who are the people behind the project?

We love yoga and have been traveling together for a few years.

Jen: Designer, business coach and recently yoga teacher
Mel: Marketing Manager, Life Coach, Yoga Teacher and Retreat Organizer

The idea for wildlines came up in the mountains of Tyrol.

In 2020 we could let our thoughts wander for hours while hiking in the rugged mountain ranges of the Dolomites. Our dogs romped around us. We found out that we were both independently looking for aesthetic and really sustainable yoga equipment and didn't really find anything.

So why not use Mel's experience as a yoga teacher and Jen's knowledge as a designer to develop a label according to our ideas, which corresponds to our values:

  • ecological
  • social
  • transparent

Our founding story

We met through Mel's best friend and Jen's partner at a university festival in Fulda in 2015. We talked for hours and hit it off right away. At that time, Mel enjoyed the wild life in a large Berlin advertising agency. Jen has been working as a freelance designer in the small town of Fulda for many years and developed the typical wildline line illustrations on her trip to the Balkans.

Mel bought a one-way ticket to Asia in 2017 and completed a yoga teacher training course in India during the course of her trip. After 1.5 years she moved back to Ravensburg, near her home. Since then she has been working as an (online) yoga teacher and coach. Meanwhile, Jen got carried away by her membership in an international design organization and realized exciting projects with like-minded designers all over Europe. In 2017 she was able to get her M.A. Creative Technologies and moved to Berlin. With the degree, Jen was able to fully devote herself to her interdisciplinary start-up projects.

Yes, we have actually never lived in the same place. To be precise, we have always been separated by at least 450 km - sometimes even half the world. And yet we are connected by long hiking adventures, summer campervan nights, the most delicious breakfast moments, relaxed yoga sessions and of course our dogs Lotti and Floyd, who started a secret romance together in the Dolomites. We are constantly developing new and, above all, wild ideas.
We have been working together on wildlines products since 2020. After intensive research, numerous prototypes and endless discussions with producers, we were finally able to present our meditation cushions at Mel's yoga retreats in 2021. We didn't forget the yoga mats. In the summer, Mel also passed Porto during her month-long camper trip. There she visited our production contact and was allowed to visit the factory.

In early 2022, while Jen also decided to pursue yoga training, Mel packed Lotti on her bus and headed to Portugal. She now lives there in a house full of like-minded people. From there she can also keep in close contact with our cork producer. In April it was time to finalize our idea of ​​a sustainable cork yoga mat: Jen traveled to Portugal and they started a road trip to Porto together. Together with their cork producer, they finally found the solution. A closed loop yoga mat made of cork. Now it can finally start.

By the way, we are actively supported by our probably biggest fans: Mel's dad, Volker, and Jens' mom, Traude. While Volker, as an enthusiastic nature boy, builds our wildlines pop-up store, which Mel takes with her on her retreats, Traude lovingly packs your packages with selected, reusable, sustainable materials.

We've been documenting our wild journey on Instagram since hour one. Back then we didn't know what to expect. If you want to know more, please follow us there:

You can also find our story on our website.

If you have any questions, please send us an email:
[email protected]

A big hug to our models:
Corinna, Leonie and Natalie <3

And a hug to Nicola for the feedback on our video <3

Project updates

6/3/22 - Wir setzen das Startkapital auf 10.000 €...

Wir setzen das Startkapital auf 10.000 € herunter. Wir müssen uns eingestehen, dass Umstände wie Krieg, Krisen und Inflation es gerade nicht leicht für uns machen.

Vielen Dank für so unendlich viel Liebe und Unterstützung, egal in welcher Form. Reaktionen, Teilen, jeder Euro hilft uns, unsere Vision umzusetzen.

Aber das Wichtigste ist, dass wir mit euch starten können! Danke, dass du Teil dieses Weges bist. Zusammen werden wir die 10.000 € Startlevel-Grenze knacken!

Liebe an euch
Mel & Jen

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wildlines – 100% recycled cork yogamat in a closed loop

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