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Yunikue Fitted Bag
With you we want to produce a special laptop bag, which unites the design with functionality and also offers a security feature. It perfectly fits your laptop plus the power supply and also holds your mouse in the extra fitted mouse pouch.
11,111 €
10,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
 Yunikue Fitted Bag


Funding period 23/08/2013 15:00 o'clock - 30/09/2013 23:59 o'clock
Funding goal reached 10,000 €
City Hamburg
Category Design

What is this project all about?

Our project is about a leather laptop bag .
We've always been looking for a laptop bag but only found products that don't fit the personal style, don't store the charger and accessoiries properly and don't offer any security features .
We have come up with a Yunikue Fitted Bag that unites the design with functionality . You can carry it as a take along bag or as a backpack and also easy to carry when on a bike. The leather straps with its fastenings make it easy to adjust . It perfectly fits your laptop plus the power supply and also holds your mouse in the extra fitted mouse pouch .

We built in a transmitter , so if you leave your Yunikue bag behind, it will remind you with a push message on your phone, not to forget your bag. If you lose your bag, you can easily locate it with this transmitter.
There also is an imprinted serial number on each bag, which makes it your verifiable, distinctive and personal bag .

YUNIKUE Fitted Bag - Features Summary
- unique laptopbag made of organic leather
- compatible cases for all important accessoiries
- transmitter with push-messages (in case of forgetting or losing the bag)
- multiple ways of using the bag, i.e. as a backpack
- sustainable and high quality "Made in Germany"

Individual customization with the configurator (if successfully funded)

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Active and creative people are our target group, who, like us, are always in the search for new adventures. Creating things that make people happy , makes us happy too. Our goal is to offer high quality products , made in germany that can be your life companion.

Why would you support this project?

The environment and the sustainability is one of our basic principles. We want to call people's attention for sustainable products. We want to turn our backs on massproductions, where manufacturing is never transparent for the consumers. We want to strengthen the awareness for quality .

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

With the funds from Startnext we will be able to order the highest quality of organic leather in different colors. We can give you the opportunity to get involved in the design . With the funds we can also realize our idea of a configurator . It visualizes different options of colors and details. We want you to be able to choose your own combination of the colors and the size for your different types of notebooks.

The small print all big:

To us it is very important that you will always be a friend of YUNIKUE. That's why we want to define the further process so there won't be any more questions:

What will happen after the project has been successfully funded, and how long does it take till I get my reward?

-First of all we will start to develop the configurator. We already finished a test version of it which we will try and review with you during this running project, in order to bring it to perfection. For this we need round about 2 weeks .

- When the configurator is all set, you will get a note from us with a little instruction and the access. Now you can arrange your favorite combination. You will have 3 days to do this, so we can order the appropriate material right after. Should you not be able to make it in these 3 days, we will send you the new access to the configurator. This first version of the configurator will give you the opportunity to choose between the following options:

-depth of the bag : Slim, Large
-exterior color : 3-4 options
-interior color : 3-4 options
-stitching color : 4-6 options
-buckles : 3 options
-color of imprint : 2 options

Important: leather is a natural product, therefore differences and irregularities in color, shape and surface are not avoidable.
But we will not deliver products that don't 100% fulfill our high quality standard.

-We try to deliver the rewards as soon as possible. Our products are made with pinpoint accuracy and high standard. About 20 hours of intensive work are invested for the YUNIKUE Fitted Bag. Therefore an exact time of delivery can't be said. Though our goal is to have all rewards delivered 8 weeks latest, after the project has been successfully funded. The delivery will be made in the order of the funds made.

-The bluetooth transmitter is still in the testing phase. Following features are sure:

-The system is only compatible with the iPhone 4s or newer, until now.
-The transmitter holds a coin cell which can be replaced. According to the manufacturer it will last up to 6 months and cost about 2,00€.
-The transmitter communicates with the cell phone through the bluetooth 4.0, which is energy saving and takes about 4% of the cell phone's power per day.
-If required the transmitter will send a signal, that will make it easy to find your bag in combination with the app.
-When the bag is removed, the app remembers the last position where it last was connected with the cell phone. The radius is about 30 meters. Furthermore this bag can't be tracked.
-There is no monitoring or controlling with this transmitter, nor does it create any movement profile or the like.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are Joschi, Johannes and Mary. All three of us love to explore. We travel a lot together, mostly in the search for the next perfect wave, but also for culture, where we get most of our inspiration.
Our products are built to last , handcrafted in our studio in Hamburg with endurance and the passion for details . That way we have total control of the manufacturing and can guarantee highest quality and functionality .

Support us now if you as well want to make this dream of a perfect laptopbag reality!

Legal notice
Yunikue Hamburg GmbH
Hans-Henny-Jahnn-Weg 47
22085 Hamburg Deutschland

Registergericht: Amtsgericht Hamburg
Registernummer: HRB 118341
Finanzamt: Hamburg-Altona

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