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Barbara Polajnar

Barbara Polajnar has a Master's Degree in cultural studies, in the Theatre of the oppressed as a tool for the empowerment of women. She is working as a performer, director, producer and trainer/mentor of the Theatre of the oppressed workshops with different target groups.

She is co-founder and legal representative of the cultural artistic association Transformator ( that works with Theatre of the oppressed in Slovenia. She is a co-founder and leader of the theatre-activistic group ZIZ which is using the Theatre of the oppressed method to adress the gender issues. Since 2013 she is a program director of the international Theatre of the oppressed Non-festival in Slovenia. With her coleague, Metka Bahlen Okoli, she is researhing Legislative theatre technique in Zavod BOB and international project LegiLAB 4 Progress. She is an editor of TO booklets.

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Cinderella - My Fairy Rights

Cinderella mal anders: der Prinz weint, die gute Fee bleibt aus, Cinderella wird zur Heldin ihrer Geschichte.Kinder gestalten Rollenbilder mal anders!
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Cinderella - My Fairy Rights