Crowdfinanzieren seit 2010

Team Robert Johnson Klaus Unkelbach

Deutschland / Offenbach am Main

Not many clubs succeed in sustaining international relevance and claiming autonomy over trends. When Robert Johnson opened its doors in 1999, it quickly established as a crucial spot for electronic music to gradually become one of today’s widely respected venues for contemporary club culture. Back then, it started as a cooperation with the local University of Art and Design in Offenbach, and their close ties continue to reverberate to this day. For two decades now, Robert Johnson made happy and shaped generations of producers, DJs, music practitioners and club visitors and evolved for some from a locality to an ideology. Situated upstairs of a local rowing club and vis-a-vis the industrial port area by the river of Main in Offenbach, Robert Johnson’s terrace offers those sights that subliminally add to a very particular type of club romanticism.
Many stories have been told over the years about what occurred on the infamous wooden floor ahead of world-known DJs playing Intimately near on an exceptional sound system. The club has been attracting with a program beyond the electronic mainstream and a very own awareness for the balanced use of light, vision and restraint. The club’s lean aesthetics inform all the other ventures of the Robert Johnson family: the in-house label of the same name, AMP, the younger member located in the foothills of the Frankfurt city as well as the newest addition NEU, a permanent second floor. The extensive publication “Come On To My Kitchen” published 2012 exposed what lies beneath it all – the spirit of collaboration.

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