Whole Festival


WHOLE is rooted in Berlin’s vibrant queer party scene, co-curated year-round by Buttons, Cocktail d’Amore, Gegen, Golosa, Horse Meat Disco, Lecken, Mina, Pornceptual, Room 4 Resistance, and Trash Era. United, our voices make a strong impact through intersectional solidarity.

Our extended family consists of unique voices from around the world:
BBZ - London, Honcho - Pittsburgh, Horoom/Bassiani - Tbilisi, Is Burning - Amsterdam, Mamba Negra - São Paulo, Mash-Up - Berlin, New World Dysorder - NYC/Berlin, OMOH + Persephone - Budapest, Oramics - Poland, Popoff Kitchen - Moscow, Queens Against Borders - Berlin, QReclaim - Athens, Seafood - Chengdu, Spectrum Formosus - Taipei, Spielraum - Amsterdam, T4T LUV NRG - USA, Unter - NYC, Veselka - Kiev, Zvuk - Kazakhstan

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WHOLE is an important highlight on the calendar for queers & their allies who wish to transcend their differences and experience collective joy. The 4th edition is cancelled due to COVID-19,...