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„We graciously interfere with your perception“
The book contents our artworks from the last 14 years and will comprehend the interaction of art and society or the integration of different kinds of people into artistic processes. Our work combines humor and context shifting and results in projects like botanoadopt (adopting of plants ) which are invited to international media- and sustainability conferences.
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Sponsored by kulturMut 2014
Cofunding 7,400 €
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 „We graciously interfere with your perception“
 „We graciously interfere with your perception“
 „We graciously interfere with your perception“
 „We graciously interfere with your perception“
 „We graciously interfere with your perception“

About this project

Funding period 10/10/14 11:57 AM - 11/11/14 11:59 PM
Realisation January - July 2015
Start level 13,000 €
Category Art
City Frankfurt am Main

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What is this project all about?

431art are Haike Rausch and Torsten Grosch. Since 1996 we are creating artistic projects related to social issues or to elementary questions of human beings. Anew we are asking ourselves, how our artistic work can interfere with important questions of our rapidly changing society.
This is our main motivation. Our intention is to create an altered view on well known conditions. We are convinced of a non-linear network method, to play part in the changing of our nowadays world.
We show f.e.

  • how artistic utopia and concrete action are compatible
  • how art can take part in the energy revolution
  • how artistic interventions can result in the adoption of trees by municipalities

Now we would like to collect our works in a book titled "We graciously interfere with your perception".
Our conceptual works result in interdisciplinary projects, artistic intervention or participatory projects.
The bilingual book with 160 pages (e,g), contain texts from Christoph Wilhelm Aigner (Austrian lyric poet) and Christian Kaufmann (art historian and curator). Edition of 1000.

"431art are very convincing in their idea rich creation of projects, which lie between the realms of real and virtual observation." Dr. Stefan Soltek, Director Klingspor Museum Offenbach

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

With the book "We graciously interfere with your perception" we would like to show art as a language concerning life itself. As a source of inspiration our book is addressed to

  • people who are interested in art and culture
  • creative people from different kinds of art
  • broad public
  • company leaders
  • persons planning cultural education projects
  • politiciens
  • all, who are like us convinced that imagination could move mountains
Why would you support this project?

During the last years, many international institutions and people supported our work. Now we would like to share our visions, works and artistic strategies with more people. To do this, we do need the book.
Support our book because you maybe agree with one of the following reasons
1. You are interested in contemporary art and would like to know more about our interdisciplinary works
2. You also think, that artistic strategies could lead to new solutions for people from other professions
3. You also work as a creative and for that reason you know, that even a small amount is really important to realize a project
4. You are from Frankfurt or live in Frankfurt and you would like to support two artists from your city
5. You would like to help us, to outlast our temporary artworks, f.e. interventions in public space
6. You would like to support artistic works and you like to receive a contribution. The artists association "quersumme8 e.V." supports our book.
7. You like to get one of our thank-you-gifts

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The collected money we need for the production of the book. Some of the works are already done. All photographies are already prepared for the printing process. The authors of our book will support us with their texts. Most of the money we need for the printing and the bookbinder. For the translation of the texts into English and for the design we need a small amount too. And: we got already 3000,- Euro. Please support us too.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are Haike Rausch and Torsten Grosch, Since 1996 we are working together as the artist couple 431art. We develop interdisciplinary and participative artistic projects. Around 2005 we began our works relating to sustainable issues. Our most known project is called "botanoadopt". We understand our work as experiencing the phenomena and proceedings of nature, work situations and everyday political/ social realities. Through small and subtile changes the perception of familiar experiences and places is altered. In so doing, we take away the supposed inherent quality, of being real, from what is considered self-evident. Our works are shown on international conferences, f.e. during the conference on theme sustainability SPVU at the Museum of Modern Art in Zagreb (2013). Several times we were invited to the international residency Künstlerdorf Schöppingen for a stipend in between art, science and economy. Our works are part of international art collections and we are members of Deutscher Künstlerbund. Since 2013 we realize also interdisciplinary education projects

Project updates

11/11/14 - !Danke liebe Freunde und Supporter - wir...

!Danke liebe Freunde und Supporter - wir haben es geschafft. Unser Bildband wird realisiert. Danke für Eure Unterstützung und Solidarität.

Thank you dear friends and supporters - we made it. Our book will be realized. Thank you for supporting us and for your solidarity!

11/11/14 - ! Ein Support unseres Bildbandes ist noch...

! Ein Support unseres Bildbandes ist noch heute Vormittag möglich. Die SupporterInnen der letzten Stunden erhalten on Top ein Multiple "Atomic cookie" (bitte Adresse angeben)! Deadline 12 Uhr. Ales, was nach 12 Uhr eingeht, zählt nicht mehr bei KulturMut mit. Und: es geht um die ANZAHL der Supporter, nicht um den Betrag. Unterstützt uns JETZT!

11/8/14 - Bei KulturMut müssen wir das obige Fundingziel...

Bei KulturMut müssen wir das obige Fundingziel nur zum Teil durch Euch einsammeln. Den Rest erhalten wir von der AventisFoundation, wenn wir VIELE SupporterInnen haben. Die Anzahl unserer SupporterInnen zählt quasi doppelt. Deshalb: unterstützt uns noch heute. Je mehr von Euch unser Projekt unterstützen, desto größer sind unsere Chancen, den noch fehlenden Betrag von der AventisFoundation zu erhalten. Herzlichen Dank.

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Klingspor-Museum Offenbach

Das Offenbacher Museum für Buch- und Schriftkunst unterstützt unseren Bildband "We graciously interfere with your perception". 2015 wird das Buch dort präsentiert werden.

„We graciously interfere with your perception“

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