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Together with you, we can thrill thousands of people with unheard-of possibilities of the accordion in rock: on CD and at festivals like "Wacken".

Astor Piazzolla already knew, through his Tango Nuevo, that the accordion shines in expressing passionate music! Symphonic Rock continues this path, oscillating between delicate spine-tingling moments and forcefully captivating intensity. Now, together with you, we can write the next chapter of accordion and rock history. It's time to break away from stereotypes on a grand scale and ensure that the accordion is seen as equally versatile by the wider public as it is by all accordion enthusiasts.
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9/1/23 - 10/28/23
25.11.23 Symphonic Rock Night
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What is this project all about?

We have a vision: In front of the festival stage at Wacken Open Air, a delighted audience stands, utterly amazed by an unexpected combo: A rock band with an accordion soloist and accordion orchestra, sweeping away outdated clichés with a modern sound and setting the stage on fire!

That's where we want to be, because the accordion has the potential to ignite such enthusiasm that a large portion of people still can't imagine.

The journey to get there consists of three intermediate goals with a budget of €30,000:

Album production as a sonic experience: We want to invite listeners to repeatedly find inspiration and strength in our musical world.
Music video as our calling card: We aim to convey our energy and joy of playing in a way that it's readily shared and introduces us to new audiences.
Video recording of the live premiere as a teaser: We want to capture the atmosphere of November 25th at the Reutlingen Civic Hall, so that major event organizers can get a sense of our live experience.
Our band is seasoned on stage and well-rehearsed, the songs are mature, and rehearsals with the orchestra and studio recordings began at the start of the year: Everything that's already audible is, in our conviction, stunningly powerful!

However, we can't possibly realize our vision alone. Only with YOU on board can our music become audible and reach larger audiences. We're pouring our hearts and skills into the perks of this campaign as well, aiming to directly inspire you and everyone with whom you share our joint endeavor. Thank you for rocking the accordion with us and the people in your network!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

With accordion sounds ranging from Irish Folk to Balkan, we're infusing a breath of fresh air into Symphonic Rock and Metal. Our sound, featuring virtuoso accordion runs, soaring soprano melodies, pulsating drum grooves, and intense guitar riffs, is tailored to unite the preferences for classic rock, gripping film music, and evocative world music.

We're encapsulating our music in an album that offers a full hour of new compositions: Boasting 4 cover hits and 7 original tracks, this album unfolds a journey through a spectrum of emotions: From nostalgia to euphoria, from hopeful melodies to self-ironic theatricality.

Why would you support this project?

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an accordion? And how does it feel to tell others that you play the accordion?

Right: The accordion is one of the most versatile instruments and can be incredibly cool. However, it is still massively underestimated and burdened with prejudices by a wide audience.

The love for the accordion is my driving force: In all facets from classical to swing to rock, I am fascinated by the idea of drawing from even more possibilities every day. For over 20 years, I've been pursuing the dream of letting as many people as possible share in this enthusiasm.

To conquer grand festival stages and move masses, we founded the rock band "Vangardion":

Live and Unique
On November 25, 2023, brand-new songs from the upcoming album will celebrate their grand live premiere: Together with the Münsingen Accordion Orchestra, our band makes its debut and shakes the Reutlingen Civic Hall with a balanced mix of timeless hits and exciting new songs! You can secure tickets for this unforgettable evening at:

Rooted in Tradition and Modern Vision
A civic hall concert with a rock band and accordion orchestra is already extraordinary, but for us, it's just the beginning of a movement.
An enthusiastic festival audience cheers for a rock band with an accordion orchestra and soloist on stage! That's where we want to be, that's the image that the accordion has long deserved. By bridging the gap between David Garrett, Nightwish, and Santiano, we stand for being captivatingly different. Those who support us will not only hear entirely new, top-notch produced music, but will also play a significant role in bringing the accordion to the center of interest for a broader audience and opening up new perspectives for this versatile instrument.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

To kickstart our rock journey and bring our music to the masses, we need €30,000 in initial capital for a top-notch international-level studio production and music video shoot.

Every additional euro is equally valuable and will directly contribute to our overarching goal: Inspiring thousands of people worldwide. This can be significantly accelerated through a budget for marketing and a compelling overall performance.

Who are the people behind the project?

I am Matthias Matzke. Even as a child, competitions were a platform for me to showcase something extraordinary with the accordion, earning over 36 international and national first prizes. For the past 20 years, I've been touring as a concert partner with orchestras, performing classical solo concerts from Asia to the USA, and working as an educator and author.

In doing so, I've realized that we can only bring the vision of greater enthusiasm to life by introducing the accordion to new circles. The advantage of stereotypes and prejudices lies in the overwhelming element of surprise when playing the accordion in a way that has never been heard before!

Musical Partners and Synergies
Leading the band is Leonie Kratz, whose soprano vocals, combined with captivating stage presence, create an unforgettable experience. Fabian Matzke delivers virtuoso double-bass thunder on the drums, and Fabian Horn rocks the stage with a powerful guitar sound.

Just as we collaborate on the premiere in Reutlingen with the Münsingen Accordion Orchestra, our band can tour with local orchestras: The sheet music for the album will be published and can be adapted for flexible ensembles on stage. Having access to the high-quality videos and audio samples from our production allows any accordion orchestra to join the movement and attract new audiences.

We're convinced that the accordion world needs a breath of fresh air right now, and we believe that by merging the accordion with symphonic rock, we can contribute in a way that unleashes new energy!

We're eagerly looking forward to soon providing initial glimpses of our new pieces at this point. By clicking the "Video" button above, you can get a first taste with impressions from previous projects, which we'll soon be able to surpass with your support!

Thank you so much for your support and Rock on!

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9/28/23 - Wir gehen in die Verlängerung, denn wir...

Wir gehen in die Verlängerung, denn wir konnten noch spannende Radio und Pressetermine bekommen!

Wer's anhört gibt begeistertes Feedback - selbst Leute, die keine Akkordeon-Fans oder Rocker sind! DAMIT es aber überhaupt gehört wird, haben sich Weiterempfehlungen mehr bewährt als unsere Selbstdarstellung. Fast jeder kennt doch wen, (der wen kennt), wo eine Akkordeon-Rock-Überraschung willkommen ist.

Vielen Dank an euch Mitdenker, die unsere Vision bereits teilen und so wertvoll unterstützen!!

Join us in making accordion and rock history!
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