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7000 applicants are eager for change! Complain, dream, ACT! When, if not now!? We use young people's panache to drive climate protection and equality forward. Many of us have unique ideas but don't really know how to realize them. That's exactly what we change! From 21st to 31st of July, international participants realize their ideas into actions together with local Berliners. Local + Global = Glocal. Talked enough already, let's go!
10,081 €
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 Youth Activist Camp 2019
 Youth Activist Camp 2019
 Youth Activist Camp 2019
 Youth Activist Camp 2019
 Youth Activist Camp 2019

About this project

Funding period 6/3/19 10:01 AM - 7/3/19 11:59 PM
Realisation 07/21 - 07/31/2019
Start level 7,500 €

With this we can firstly, make our international participant's participation possible and secondly, can develop and conceptualize their ideas for projects.

Category Education
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

Climate justice and universal equality are the topics that concern us organizers on a daily basis. We live in pretty democratic structures, in which climate strikes and petitions happen on an every day basis, but for some of our participants that's not the case. We create a safe space where they can create exchange and learn from and with each other how to still create sustainable change with their ideas.

From July 21st to 31st, together with 30 youngsters from all over the world and 30 Berliners, we develop sustainable longlasting projects, that are tangible - locally here in Berlin, as well as in Colombia or in Yemen. This way, we create "glocal" change here and all over the world.

Our international activists stay and live with our Berliners. This way we create a unique intercultural exchange that is priceless.

We are supported by young volunteers from experienced organizations such as the "Rosa Luxemburg" foundation.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our main goal is to empower the youth here in Berlin as well as in many other places around the world, in order to change the topics that concern our future. For that we need the right tools, which we learn in the Youth Activist Camp to realize things like:


  • A social, upcycling/zero waste fashion label: creating new fashion from already existing clothes. The generated profit will fund following youth initiatives for more climate justice and equality.
  • Make affortable, sustainable (and on a long term free) mentruation products accecible for all people who menstruate. Menstruation is not a luxury! Precisely: starting a petition or a campaign for tax reduction on menstruation products.


  • How do I start a publicly recognized climate movement and climate strikes such as FridaysForFuture in my country or community? How do I organize people for the same cause? How do I plan a protest?
  • Train youth ambassadors for climate justice and experts of the resource cycle, who can give e.g. kid-parent workshops in their community, driving multiple generations to live more consciously.

Our target group for the camp: young people who want to start changing something but don't really know how and where to start.

Why would you support this project?

Only together, with your support, Sofía from Colombia can start climate strikes in Bogotá and change global climate politics through that or Béla from Berlin can create new fashion from old textiles and start a trend of resource friendly living. We create projects that make it possible for everyone to get involved, also you!

Invest in the future.
How can we do that better than to invest in the youth and young change makers, that create more activists and spread awareness for climate topics and social justice within society - not only here but as a global network. As the quote above says: Many small people, in many small places...

Support peer-to-peer empowerment.
As students from Berlin we probably know best how to reach our peers. That is also why we learn from other young experts and their experiences and from each other. No real hierarchies, our own learning space that is shaped by our needs.

Embrace diversity.
By donating, you get to know young people from all over the world at our community neighbourhood festival at the end of the Activist Camp. Maybe you make longlasting cooperations and friendships or just have a very inspiring unique talk on a warm summer night in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Only from mere air and idealism we cannot create anything tangible. For that we need material, expertise, food, public relations and mobility. All of the money goes directly into funding the implementation of the camp's projects.

Who are the people behind the project?
  • Céline (20) grew up in a big family in the alternative area of Berlin, Kreuzberg. Because of all the chaotic talking at the dinner table she became our communicative networker. Also, her voice sounds good on Deutschland Funk radio ;)
  • Luca (22) visited more schools than the amount of fingers she has on her hand. She's already done with her bachelors degree at UdK Berlin. She's orthographically handicapped, but visually extraordinarily talented, as she says. She is the creative mind and does everything you see.
  • Lisa Leonie (22) is the master of organization. She normally studies psychology in her last semester but actually brings our chaos into order as her main job.
  • Aaron (21) is more than just the friendly man on our side. As the child of an East-punker and an alternative hippie mom from the West, he is a child of the German reunification and never fit into a box. Since his high school years, he as been speaking up and advocating for social justice.

We are the Young Utopians.

“The youth has not been heard for too long, even though we are the future. We are political, we want to shape our future, but for that we need to know how and where we can start.”

Support now 



We can buy regionally "saved" food from SirPlus with a voucher and learn for our own projects how a sustainable and social company is working.

Leibniz High School Berlin

For 10 days we can use the amazing location at Leibniz High School at the end of summer break. Located in the heart of Kreuzberg and probably with technical support by some of the students.


"Einhorn" supports us with some of their sustainable menstruation and contraception products and provides a perfect example of a young, sustainable and social business we can learn from.

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Youth Activist Camp 2019

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