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Agnes Heller has always spoken up for a free and solidary Europe. In times of uncertainty and rising nationalism her ideas and writings are of great importance. The Hungarian Holocaust survivor has engaged herself until her late death with the great questions of our times. We would like to translate her message into the language of film. We want to make it accessible for many and invite the viewers to reflect upon our role and responsibility as citizens.
2,165 €
7,500 € Funding goal
Project finished
 AGNES HELLER - Tribute to a visionary mind.
 AGNES HELLER - Tribute to a visionary mind.
 AGNES HELLER - Tribute to a visionary mind.


Funding period 1/24/20 10:34 AM o'clock - 3/7/20 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period March-April 2020
Funding goal 7,500 €

With this amount we can pay the core production expenses:
-filming permits
-camera equipment

2nd Funding goal 15,000 €

Yeah! Now we can invest in more high quality production:
-extraordinary light and camera equipment
-set design
-make up & costume
-Post production

Category Movie / Video
City Budapest
What is this project all about?

The narrative short film - inspired by events out of Agnes Heller's life - takes place in a timeless Budapest where the lines between past and present are blurring out. Our protagonist, resembling the young Agnes Heller, will be colliding with the three political ideologies, which she has experienced in the course of her lifetime: the fascist regime during WW2, the socialist republic until 1989 and the “illiberal democracy” of today’s Hungary. As a free thinker and influential philosopher she is a threat to the representatives of these ideologies, who want to draw her into their maelstrom of power and control, from which she finally manages to escape.

Original recordings of Agnes Heller’s speeches will accompany the poetic visual story. As witness of the 20th century Agnes gives insights into her own dramatic story, the possible dangers posed by political ideologies and how important an open discourse is for democracy. She finishes with a plea to solidarity and civic courage.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

With this short film in English language, we want to reach people of all ages in Europe and worldwide to remind on the history of the 20th century and it’s impacts. We also want to invite the viewers to reflect upon current political developments. The film will be released online and shown on film festivals.

Why would you support this project?

Agnes Heller is one of the great thinkers and internationally awarded & honored philosophers and lecturers of the 20th century. Until her late death with 90 years, she has written and lectured about the current political situation and the morals of our times.

With this film we want to make her voice heard amongst many people, including younger generations. We feel like her personal story is part of our collective history and her message of more tolerance and responsibility is of great importance.This is why we would like to ask for your support.
Thank you very much.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

With the profits we will solely finance this project: From preproduction to the shoot in Budapest and the post production:

- gear and production assistance (Camera, light,…)

- locations, props, set-design, make up & costume

- actors

- accommodation, transport

- post production of film and sound

Who are the people behind the project?

Blitz Opaque is the creative collaboration of Annika and Alexander. The directing duo loves to play with moments of revelation and the mysterious to create vivid audiovisual stories. Their work is a colorful fusion of their different backgrounds and perspectives.

Their common activist short film PERIODE 28 is a mystical ode to the beauty of the female cycle. It won “best Austrian Online Film 2019” at the Austrian Film Festival. Selected by the Cinema Next Tour, it was shown in cinemas across Austria in 2018.
Link: https://vimeo.com/283280631

Alexander’s new short documentary NARCIS is about a small ski town in Kosovo becoming a place of encounter in an area defined by war. It just got released as a Vimeo Staff Pick.
Link: https://vimeo.com/383514704

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Blitz Opaque
Alexander Tank

USt-ID: DE09780134

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