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Interchangeable coats with a lifetime guarantee. Our collective contribution to a fashion world that treats people and nature with care.

Do you wish that the fashion industry would finally treat people, resources and the environment responsibly? We do this and combine it with a high level of design standards. We have created a coat out of sustainable materials. A timeless coat that can adapt and transform with ever-changing trends. A coat that is both a vest & a jacket. We want the shift to slow fashion and change the world for the better. Don't you? You can start right now by supporting the launch of our 3IN1 COAT collection.
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Funding period
10/31/20 - 12/6/20
December 20 / January 21
Website & Social Media
Minimum amount (Start level): 10,000 €

1st production round
(your pre-orders) & marketing to launch

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What is this project all about?

We envision a future for the fashion industry with respect for humans and our environment.
We create timeless, long-lasting fashion - regardless of seasons and trends.
We work for mindful consumption, transparency, quality and fair payment for everyone in the supply chain.

Based on this vision, we have developed the interchangeable 3IN1 COATS with a lifetime guarantee. 3in1 means that 1 piece of clothing can be worn in 3 different ways - as a vest, as a jacket and when put together as a coat. You are even able to customize your coat, your vest and your jacket with exchangeable ADD ONS.
The 3IN1 COAT is made in Germany under fair conditions from sustainable materials acts as a real quick-change artist that helps you to create a timeless and diverse wardrobe.

In order to achieve our vision and launch our collection of interchangeable coats, we need your support. We are convinced that with your help we can make a contribution to permanently changing the fashion world and to create awareness of the detrimental effects the consumption and fast fashion pace on the world.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal is to realize our vision beginning with the production of our sustainable, transformable, fair in Germany produced coat collection for the online and offline markets.

We would also use this crowdfunding campaign to present our 3IN1 COAT collection at trade fairs and within online platforms in order to raise awareness of the need for change in the textile industry.

Our target group is made up of fashion enthusiasts who are committed to slow & fair fashion. People who appreciate a coat that can be utilized in many ways and who place value on quality and style.
People who, like us, are calling for change in the textile industry. And for all those who love our coat and its design.

Why would you support this project?

We stand for fair conditions in the fashion industry and realize this desire for slow fashion by ensuring that the entire supply chain of the materials we use is fairly produced and that the 3IN1 COATS are made in Germany.
It is not enough for us to only act fairly and sustainably at akjumii.
That is why we donate 1.3% of the sales price (at least 10.10 €) to FEMNET e.V. - a registered association that fights for the rights of women in the global textile industry - without increasing the retail price of our coats.

Our coats are made from environmentally friendly materials and come with a lifetime guarantee - we manufacture and sell quality! Long-lasting clothing that is not thrown away, but repaired. Clothing that stays within the cycle and does not harm the environment!

Together with your help we can move away from a consumer and throwaway society towards a sustainable, socially acceptable consumer lifestyle.
Support us. Make a statement for fair fashion and become a proud owner of the first akjumii 3IN1 COAT!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

After successful financing of the 1st funding target, we will produce your pre-orders, order the neccessary materials from our trading partners and pay the tailors of our production who will sew your coats.
We will then additionally have a budget for further marketing (e.g. social media advertising) and can therefore share with increasingly more people about the akjumii 3IN1 COATS and contribute an increasingly large part to fair working conditions in the textile industry.

When the second funding goal is reached, we will produce every item in our collection in all colors and sizes S, M, L for our studio - at the moment we only have prototypes - and thus allow you to try on all different combinations and sizes in our showroom.
With this sample collection we will run Events (e.g. trade fairs & retail events) and start the 2nd pre-order round.

If the second funding target is exceeded, we will put the collection in stock so that we can start selling directly online (e.g. on fair fashion platforms and in our online shop) as well as at offline events.

Who are the people behind the project?

We, Anna & Michaela, are the fashion label akjumii behind this project.
We met each other in 2007 while studying fashion design and later worked together in the textile industry in India. Since then we have developed and implemented a variety of projects together.
We are bound by a deep friendship, as well as a passion to make the world an even better place. We want to do this together with your help.
We love and produce products that combine fairness, environmental protection, and high design and fashion standards.

From our first idea of the 3IN1 COAT to the finished product, we have been accompanied by many like-minded souls that have contributed directly or indirectly to the realization of presenting the 3IN1 COATS to you today. These people played an important role in making our vision a reality and we would like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts and briefly introduce some of them:

Thank you to Sarah Wetzel for your empowerment and your ability to get us to sort and formulate our ideas, dreams and goals.

Thank you to Bernadette Zobel for your graphic sensitivity and for creating a CI that perfectly reflects us.

Thank you to Lisa Jäger for your constant willingness to share your great tailoring skills with us.

Thank you to Christian Escher for your patience and your dedication in the production of a snap fastener in Germany.

Thank you to Anneliese Winkler and her team for your trust and your qualitative, excellent sewing work.

Thanks to Sarah Fischer, Caro Scherrer, Isabella Derse, Jana Hergesell, Lucia Thüroff, Ghioia Irritier, Elisabeth Karsch, Isabella Braun and above all Jette Beyer for being our fitting models and for accompanying and advising us since the first prototype.

Thank you to Nico Fitzgerald for your obvious advice on the crowdfunding campaign and your "go for it" power.

Thank you to Philipp Ungeheuer, Jenny Fischer and Dakota Minter for your constant, warm willingness to help us with the English language.

Many thanks to Thomas Nonnenmacher, who protects the art of knitting in the Reutlingen region and shares our belief that honesty is one of the important elements in a collaboration.
Thank you to Janine Hugsam for simply being there when we need you and for supporting us as a proofreading master.

Thank you to Johanna Link and David Heimerl for the good cooperation and the great result: wonderful, strong photos of the first 3in1 coat collection.

Thank you to Dany Madaus for the skillful natural make-up, which perfectly rounded off the look of the models.

Thank you to Martin Kiessling for the visual support and the production of fantastic video clips, such as our campaign clip.
Thank you to Marius Bohnhardt for the quick and obvious optimization of the sound recordings.

Thanks to our beautiful, characterful models Asya and Kristin & Victoria from JSW Models.

Thanks to Vor Shoes for the loan, which adorned the feet of our models.

Thank you to Josepha & Cosima Carl von Joco for the wonderful acoustic support of our campaign.

Thanks to our landlord, who believed in us many years ago and has since provided us with a space in which we can realize our ideas with complete confidence.

Thanks to the „Kompetenzteam Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft der Landeshauptstadt München“ and the „Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft der Landeshauptstadt München“ for your advice and support of the crowdfunding campaign.

A particularly big thank you also goes to our fantastic circle of friends, some of them have already been mentioned above, our life partners Thomas Laschet and Lars Strojny and our beloved families!

And thank you, our long-term customers and our supporters of the akjumii crowdfunding campaign.


The crowdfunding project has been successfully completed. Supporting and ordering is no longer available on Startnext.

  • The processing of orders placed will be handled directly by the project owners according to the stated delivery time.

  • The production and delivery is the responsibility of the project owners themselves.

  • Cancellations and returns are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective project owner.

  • Revocations and cancellations via Startnext are no longer possible.

What does this mean? 
Legal notice
akjumii OHG
Anna Karsch
Reichenbachstraße 36
80469 München Deutschland

Authorized representative of the company: Anna Karsch, Michaela Wunderl-Strojny
Registration court: Amtsgericht München
Company registration number: HRA 99373
VAT identification: DE284790744


Stadt München

Kampagne gefördert durch die Landeshauptstadt München - Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft

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