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Almost 30 is a magazine for everyone who feels like they never grow up completely. Almost 30 is us, an international collective of friends sharing our personal experiences with how it feels to grow older, the loss of our twenties and the luxury of confusion. In personal words and pictures. Almost 30 is a community for all those who like to go their own way together. We are almost 30 forever. join the cult! (Because Almost 30 is only almost-funded so far.)
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Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt Projektberater "Magnificent how the power of the crowd became visible here."
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 Almost 30 Magazine
 Almost 30 Magazine
 Almost 30 Magazine
 Almost 30 Magazine
 Almost 30 Magazine

About this project

Funding period 6/1/18 10:17 AM - 7/1/18 11:59 PM
Realisation September 2018
Start level 12,000 €

This money will finance the printing of Almost 30’s first issue – on good paper, without loads of ads. All this because friendship deserves care and attention!

Category Journalism
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

Who says that being 30 means being a grown-up? Let’s be honest, nobody really knows what that actually means - “grown-up”. Let’s just stop with all those generalising speculations about our generation (a generation without perspective, incapable of relationships). Instead, we are determined to create transparency with our magazine Almost 30 and embrace the diversity of our generation.

Contributors from around the world ask themselves the questions, which come up just before turning 30. Where do I stand and where do I want to go? What if I got lost completely and will never live my own dream but my parents’ instead? When talking about the future, why is it always about family and career but never about friendship, adventures and freedom? Will my fears and doubts ever stop?

We draw inspiration from the collective lifestyle and aesthetics of the 70s – both visually and contentwise. The magazine will feature essays and literary texts complemented with memes and statements in a tweet format. With this, we gather the scattered content pieces of the social networks in the solid frame of a printed magazine in order to replace their anonymity, excessive self-promotion, feeling of envy and competition with a safety net. A cooperative community for honest communication.

The first issue of Almost 30 is all about friendship. What does friendship mean in a phase of gaining independence from parents and teachers? How does friendship work in times of Tinder? How do you keep friendships alive when the people around you start having children, are getting married and pursue their career?

Almost 30 is a magazine that focuses on the contributors and creates a community with its readers in order to connect beyond the magazine through social media, festivals and events.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The collected money is used to finance the printing costs for the first issue of the magazine (the one devoted to friendship). However, we also want to lay ground for a real growing community. The Almost 30 community connects everyone who has the big 30 on their mind, no matter if the reason being is their biological age or their mindset of never really growing up. For those of you starting a family, studying for the third time, or for those, who are just about to get married or are in the middle of couples therapy. Join the cult!

Why would you support this project?

The world really doesn’t need another lifestyle magazine. And we really don’t need another unpaid project next to our full time jobs. But Almost 30 is more than that. Its first issue is the foundation of our project, coming from the heart: a community for all those who feel almost 30 and want to go their own way together. Support us and become part of the collective!

We’re interested in your opinion, exchanging ideas and experiences. It’s not about having a degree in literature or journalism, we want to showcase the real life stories and opinions that no one else wants to talk about. We don’t ask which articles get the most clicks or which stories are trending right now. We ask what moves you in order to start a conversation and support each other.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Once we reach our funding goal, the magazine is going to print in August 2018.
The first issue of Almost 30 will be an edition of 1000 copies. This will be the base of our growing community, reflecting the value of this project.

Why print? We believe that the very personal and timeless pieces by our authors, illustrators and photographers deserve to be printed on high quality paper in a nice layout.

Almost 30 Magazine will be published in September 2018. It will be available at our online shop and in selected stores.

Who are the people behind the project?

Behind Almost 30 is an international collective of friends. Some of them are the authors, photographers and designers featured in the magazine. And then there’s Hannah, Marie, Hannah Rosi, Thais, Karina and Katharina – they’re the editorial team of Almost 30. They bring in their ideas, engagement and endless willpower so that every article and every image finds the perfect place within the magazine.

We also want to thank two special contributors at this point, who supported us immensely during the creation of this campaign:
Thank you to Fabian Langer for the music featured in the crowdfunding video and a special thanks to Lauren Spencer for the translation and proof of the English texts.

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