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SOLAGA is a young German biotechnology startup, working on extraordinary biological structures; microalgal biofilms. We created Alwe, an interior design element harboring a living biofilm. Alwe is an aesthetic miniature ecosystem that has been designed as a green wall decor that will bring nature back into your home. Alwe is the first step in our endeavor to transform grey urban spaces into green areas. We have big ambitions and want to further develop this concept . For that we need you!
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ALWE live erleben beim Zukunftsforum

Benjamin Herzog
Benjamin Herzog1 min Lesezeit

Wir sind Teil des Rahmenprogramms vom Zukunftsforum Energiewende in der documenta-Halle in Kassel vom 20.- 21. November!

Kommt vorbei und erlebt uns live vor Ort!

Alwe a unique and natural wall decor, by Solaga