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AMA'ARA - The SONG of the WHALES tells the story of a courageous woman who, despite all the challenges, follows her heart's desire to sing with whales. She wants to create a new awareness of the people for these fascinating sea giants. The viewer experiences her story on different, artfully interwoven levels and dives into an audio-visually fascinating and deeply touching adventure. On the last day of shooting producer and main character Marina Trost had a fatal accident during a dive.
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Funding period 10/10/19 12:19 PM - 1/15/20 11:59 PM
Realisation 1.11.2019 - 01.05.2020
Start level 30,000 €

The money is needed for post production (editing, sound editing, music, mixing, colour grading etc.), outstanding fees and legal fees (contracts).

Category Movie / Video
City München

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What is this project all about?

Singer and healer Marina Trost sets off at the beginning of 2018 together with a small film team to realize her vision: to bring the heart-opening songs of the whales closer to the people. For this she wants to sing with the sea giants and capture it in a meditative-poetic documentary film. An adventurous and often very challenging journey leads her to Hawaii and the Kingdom of Tonga. At the beginning of her journey there are the Bosnian Pyramids, a special place of power where Marina and her team prepare themselves internally. Because Marina's plans will ultimately demand far more from everyone than they could have imagined at first.

AMA'ARA - The SONG of the WHALES is a powerful-poetic fairy tale for turbulent times, which tells on different levels about the fulfillment of a great vision and shows the inspiring path of a woman who gives everything for her dream and when it is her life.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

With the completion of the film project AMA'ARA - The SONG of the WHALES we want to honour Marina's deeply positive and necessary vision and art and bring it into the world.

The full-length film is for all people who like to be touched deeply in their hearts and want to come on a magical journey into the world of whales that changes their own perception.

Why would you support this project?

AMA'ARA - The SONG of the WHALES is a very important film in times when whales are still hunted and killed. It is committed to saving the whales and their importance. The film enables the viewer to have an intensive encounter with the sea giants in order to understand and above all to feel why they need to be rescued and protected.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The filming of AMA'ARA - The SONG of the WHALES was completed shortly before Marina's diving accident. She financed her heart project, which is supposed to emphasize the beauty of our planet, entirely with her own means.

We want to turn this material into Marina's vision as she dreamed it would be and create an extraordinary, innovatively narrated and deeply moving film. For this we need your support!

With the money of the 1st funding objective the complete postproduction - editing, sound and music processing, additional music recordings, sound mixing, colour correction, speaker fees etc. - will be carried out. - as well as attorney's fees for contracts and outstanding fees.

Each additional Euro after the 1st funding goal helps us to produce the film even higher quality and to technically refine it in order to make the viewing and listening experience for the viewer as extraordinary and moving as possible. We also want to bring the film to the cinemas, market it and submit it to international film festivals. A limited media book with Marina's music and many extras around the shooting is also planned for fans.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are the film team that Marina personally put together to help her realize her vision. After her diving accident it is our heart's desire to finish the film in all its beauty and visionary power.

The "AMA'ARA - The SONG of the WHALES" - team consists of:

Marina Trost (Idea, Producer, Co-author and Main protagonist):

Marina Theresia Trost was a bright light who inspired people all over the world with her soulful voice, music and meditations. She studied jazz singing at the Anton Bruckner Conservatory, Linz, took lessons on various instruments (clarinet, violin, piano) and intensive classical singing lessons from a teenage age.

As a testament to her dedication and talent, she graduated with distinction and was a permanent fixture in the Munich jazz scene where she deeply touched countless music-lovers over the years.

Intrigued by the mind-body connection, she also received training in Feldenkrais-oriented bodywork and functional voice training. Marina embodied a holistic and body oriented approach to singing, because the voice is more than just singing.

With her voice and various instruments - monochord, kotamo, shamanic drum, singing bowls - she opened hearts and minds across the globe to meditation, silence and authentic inner movement.

She is profoundly missed and continues to inspire deep reverence for sea mammals and our oceans even after her passing.

More about Marina and her extraordinary music at:

Hans von Chelius (Music, Original Sound and Sound Design):

Hans is our sound genius, creating the deeply meditative, moving music, original sound and sound design for AMA’ARA.

He draws on his extensive experience as a successful pop and rock producer, singer, and composer. Hans has worked with Xavier Naidoo ("Way to Mars"), Michael Mittermeier ("Back to life"), Guano Apes, Sasha, Tito & Tarantula, Willy Astor, Reamonn and others, and we’re honored to collaborate with him.

Christoph Heyden (Cinematography and Organic Art):

Christoph is a true image magician. Whether in the air, on land or under water: he always succeeds in capturing the right moments and scenes in breathtaking, magical-poetic images.

In addition, he creates completely new worlds for AMA'ARA with his fascinating and beautiful organic art.

More about Christoph's visionary visual talent can be found at: and

Denesa Chan (Underwater Cinematography, Nature Photography) :

Part mermaid, part nature nymph, all parts creative, Denesa dives deep into the heart of the natural world to make award-winning images and films.

At AMA'ARA, Denesa connected powerfully with the whales to create the poetic and awe-inspiring cinematic underwater encounters with them. In addition, she created stunning time-lapse and intensely moving abstract nature imagery.

Denesa’s mission is to connect us all profoundly with nature, celebrating our Earth’s majesty while giving back to the planet in tangible, meaningful ways.

See Denesa's extraordinary talent to make the beauty of our planet visible at: , and

Sabina Zimmermann-Domnick (Assistant Director) :

Sabina is a fountain of wisdom, insight and helpfulness. In Munich she works as a non-medical practitioner and TV editor.

In Tonga she was the indispensable glue that that ensured the shooting went smoothly. Camera always at the ready, she documented our time there from beginning to end in film and photography.

She was also responsible for additional sound recordings and making sure the crew were all in good health. What we would have done without Sabina, we do not know!

Katarina Kezeric (Social Media and Marketing):

Katarina is our press, crowdfunding and social media angel. From 2010-2017 she was the owner of the online shop "mala music" for spiritual music and movies and was brought on board by Marina for marketing from the beginning.

Since then she has helped to birth AMA’ARA in countless ways big and small, always ready to dig in and do what is needed to connect AMA’ARA to the public with authenticity and heart.

Sebastian Jobst (Director, Co-author, Cinematographer and Editor):

Along with Marina, Sebastian is the driving force and co-visionary behind AMA’ARA. He has invested over 2 1/2 years of his expertise, vision, heart and soul into co-developing AMA’ARA in close collaboration with Marina.

Sebastian is our fearless leader. With poetic cinematic depth, he continues to shepherd the film from idea to reality through directing, filming (cinematography), editing, co-writing and so much more.

He has worked as a freelance filmmaker since 2008 and realized his last project RIWAKUY360° in 2018.

AMA’ARA would not be a reality without Sebastian’s profound care, attention to detail, artistry and incredible imagination. We are eternally grateful for Sebastian.

An insight into Sebastian's cinematic world can be found at:

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