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Join me on this very special musical journey and help raise awareness about mental health! Together let's empower minds through music!

Hi! My name is Anna Löwenherz, I am an actress and a singer-songwriter. With the transformative power of music, my goal is to raise awareness about mental health and inspire open conversations in our society! Personally, I have experienced depression and went through many challenges in recent years. Through this project, I aim to utilize the universal language of music to illuminate the intricacies of mental illness and raise awareness in a distinctive way.
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Funding period
8/11/23 - 10/15/23
Minimum amount (Start level): 12,000 €

Recording, production, mixing&mastering, cd production, distribution, administration, pr campagn, fotoshooting, musikvideo production, etc.

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What is this project all about?

Mental illnesses, such as depression, affect millions of people worldwide, and sadly, the numbers are increasing. Perhaps you know someone who has dealt with it? Personally, I have experienced depression and went through a challenging episode in recent years. Through this project, I aim to utilize the universal language of music to illuminate the intricacies of mental illness and raise awareness in a distinctive way. The envisioned album takes listeners on a profound journey, unraveling the unseen aspects of this condition. Heartfelt and poignant melodies, along with honest and empathetic lyrics, blend poetic introspection with directness. They capture the struggles and pain, while also emphasizing the potential for healing, growth, and positive transformation. My aim is to create an impactful album that sensitively and powerfully explores depression and helps breaking down barriers and stigma surrounding mental illnesses. Like this I want to help raise awareness on mental health in a very distinctive way.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

This project is for everyone who is interested in mental health and wants to help raise awareness and contribute to an open dialogue in our society. On one hand, it is for those affected, who, I hope, will find themselves in my music and lyrics and thus realize that no one is alone in this situation. On the other hand, the project is also for relatives and friends of those affected, who may find it difficult to imagine how it feels to be in a serious depression. Through my music I want to create an access for them, which I hope will lead to more understanding and empathy. Sadly, the numbers of mental illnesses, such as depression, are increasing rapidly worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that around 322 million people around the world are affected by depression. That is more than 4.4 percent of the world's population and 18 percent more than ten years ago. In Germany and Switzerland, according to the RKI, it affects about 9-10% of the population.

Why would you support this project?

Your support is invaluable to the success of this ambitious project with it's significant message! Despite its prevalence, there remains a pervasive stigma surrounding mental illness. Since it is often invisible, it can be misunderstood and burdened with misconceptions. Music possesses a unique ability to convey emotions that are difficult to put into words. Through this project, I aim to utilize the universal language of music to illuminate the intricacies of mental illness and raise awareness in a distinctive way. By becoming part of this project, you help raise awareness of mental health in our society!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Recording/Production: € 5,000.00
Mixing&Mastering: € 1,300.00
Artwork: € 250.00
CD Production: € 650.00
Distribution: € 50.00
QR code: € 100.00
PR Camping: € 1300.00
Administration: € 300.00
Sartnext Fee: € 700.00
Musicvideo: € 1,000.00
Fotoshooting: € 1,350.00

TOTAL: € 12,000.00

Who are the people behind the project?

My name is Anna, I am an actress, comedian, musician and songwriter. Growing up in the middle of the Swiss Alps, I discovered my passion for the creative, especially music and theater, at an early age. After a detour via studies in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Bern, in 2013 I followed the call of my heart and started acting studies in Berlin, where I have been living for 10 years now. Back ashore after having worked as an actress on a cruise ship, I wrote my first one-woman comedy show in 2019. My current commitment to mental health comes from the fact that a few years ago, due to certain life circumstances, I slipped into a severe depression. I therefore know from my own experience, what it means to be in a severe depression and the struggles of dealing with it. I have experienced myself, how difficult it can be for those affected, to express and communicate themselves and how difficult it often is for relatives and friends, to understand the behavior of a person affected and to find the right words to say.

This project is an attempt to capture the often very diffuse, blurry and difficult to describe states of depression musically and poetically. With this, I would like to contribute in my very own way to the education of mental illness and its complexity and thus raise awareness in our society for mental health.

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