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In times like these, with climate catastrophes and an increasingly warm planet, what can give us hope and the strength to take action for a better future? In search for answers, the 15-year-old climate activist Anna is surprisingly transported into the year 2082 - where she not only meets her own granddaughter, but also encounters herself as an old cynical woman. Our short film is an international project based on Jostein Gaarder's novel „The world according to Anna".
8,540 €
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 ANNA - Tales for Tomorrow
 ANNA - Tales for Tomorrow
 ANNA - Tales for Tomorrow

About this project

Funding period 8/27/21 8:00 AM - 10/17/21 11:59 PM
Realisation Goodies 21/10. Shooting 22/04
Start level 7,000 €
Category Movie / Video
City Ludwigsburg

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What is this project all about?

ANNA - Tales for Tomorrow is a climate care project, which spreads over many different media platforms. But this specific campaign is all about finding support to realize the heart and core of the project: the 30-minutes short fiction film ANNA. Of course, we’re in possession of all the necessary rights to adapt Gaarder’s novel.

And this is what our film is all about: Anna, a 15 year old Norwegian climate activist, who is known by those around her for always being courageous and high spirited. She has committed herself to protecting the planet. But the more the temperatures rise and the news turns more bleak, she becomes increasingly doubtful that her actions have any use at all. Things turn for the worse when her worries become reality in the form of grim visions of the future. These mysterious visions become more and more regular in her daily life, causing her to doubt being able to help the planet at all. When she decides to confront the visions actively, the unimaginable happens: Anna is suddenly transported into the year 2082.
There she can barely recognize her own hometown, because of the devastation that was caused by all the climate disasters. As she spends her time there searching for a way back to the year 2022, she shockingly encounters her own future self. She seems to have become a grumpy cynical woman who has given up the fight against the climate crisis. As if this wasn’t confusing enough to experience, Anna is also put into the rare position of meeting her same-aged granddaughter Nova. Who has, despite the sheer hopelessness of the situation, not yet lost her fighting spirit...

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Long story short: By producing this film we want to inspire many people to keep engaging with the topic of the climate crisis, no matter how bleak it may seem. Every single one of us has the potential to change something, and that’s what we have to understand. We want to make a difference on an artistic, social and ecological level. ANNA - Tales for Tomorrow aims to bring people together and make them discuss the most important issue of our time. This is one story out of many that show how people take action and stand up for their visions: Tales for Tomorrow!

In addition to film festival screenings, our film will be used for educating the youth and young adults. Therefore, we’re already collaborating with the "Digital Climate School" run by cooldown°earth foundation and the program "Climate - Crisis - Justice: Take action!“ organized by the Protestant Churches of Northern Germany. The narrative we want to spread is like Anna herself: consistent, realistic, and yet able to envision. Because despite all the honesty with which we describe the threat posed by the climate crisis, ANNA is still a story of hope.

Through our online channels, like; @anna_tales_for_tomorrow on instagram & our facebook page, we keep you informed, provide you with valuable and inspiring links and initiatives and give you a basis for reinforcing visionary discussions.

Why would you support this project?

Climate crisis is the most relevant topic of our time. All future global crises will directly be related to the state of our planet. The events of the past few weeks and months have shown us that storms, floods, heat waves, fires and extreme droughts are unfortunately not dystopian predictions of the next decades, but are already happening now!

With our film we show that everyone, with every action, can actively contribute to a better future. This realization gives us hope, which is inspiring and drives us. It is the basis for dreams, projects and visions that define our future. What are your dreams? Become part of a movement! You matter and your story matters! #talesfortomorrow

For those of you who are film enthusiasts and professionals, you’ll be glad to know that: we follow the principles of "green shooting", which stands for a sustainable film production. Shooting a film costs energy and resources. That's why our responsibility begins on the film set. Our sustainability standards in film production include low-carbon travelling, reduction of waste, the use of renewable energy and smart technologies and a plant-based catering. Cast and crew are included in this process to build an understanding for sustainable production.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Professional film production and good work have their price. By supporting us, you become part of a movement that makes it its mission to tell new and meaningful stories.

Alright, but what happens when we reach our goal? The film can be shot! You can expect a great and exciting film and BEFORE it has even started, you are already part of a great initiative that tells new and important stories. Be part of it! #talesfortomorrow

Green shooting: We keep the project’s emissions as low as possible. Thanks to crowdfunding, you help us in reaching this goal.
Production: The film can be edited and dubbed in German. Because of our aim to make ANNA - Tales for Tomorrow accessible to as many people as possible, we decided to shoot it in English.
Let your tale grow: The money from the crowdfunding will go directly into the film: equipment, costumes, travel, accommodation, catering, licenses… all of that unfortunately costs a lot. With the money we can cover part of it.

But not only that. We want the project to grow and therefore will share further stories and Tales for Tomorrow! With your support, you've already contributed to this. And don’t forget to share your personal tale for tomorrow by using the hashtag #talesfortomorrow or by linking our instagram page @anna_tales_for_tomorrow when you want to share the news of this meaningful project!

Who are the people behind the project?

The team of ANNA - Tales for Tomorrow consists of more than 40 wonderful and talented people from around the world.
It makes us speechless that everyone is so devoted to this project. It's wonderful that everyone adds their creative and unique vision with so much passion. So to everyone in the team: THANK YOU!

By the way: Every team member is working on the project on a voluntary basis! No one is being paid for their work. All participants have professional expertise and know their industry inside out. This means that the project already CONTAINS many unpaid hours of hard work, but a lot of competence, knowledge and sometimes also a little bit of craziness. We love what we do ;)

This is us:
- Students of the University of Trondheim, the Trondheim Art Academy, the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and the Animation Institute Ludwigsburg.
- Various NGOs, environmental foundations and cultural funds that are already providing part of our budget and are also involved in the "Tales for Tomorrow".
- Climate scientists and psychologists, who support us during the script development phase with their scientific advice.

Support now 


cooldown°earth foundation

The climate foundation from Krefeld is our partner and will bring the film into German classrooms as part of their "Digital Climate School".

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Our film is produced at renownded German film school Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Jugendstiftung Baden-Württemberg

The foundation supports our project by providing funding.

Protestant Church of Northern Germany

The Environment and Climate Protection Office and the Climate Justice Information Office at the Center for Ecumenism are our partners and will make our film the basis for a series of climate education events.

Deutsch-Norwegische Willy-Brand-Stiftung

The German-Norwegian Willy Brand Foundation supports our project by providing funding.

Bela B - singer and actor

"Green shooting is such a great idea, one of the best in a long time - damn! Full score to ANNA from me for that!" Photo: Katja Ruge

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ANNA - Tales for Tomorrow

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