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Sailing Art Residency for young artists with the intention to empower peace and sustainability through a creative dialogue

The ARTlantik-Sailing for Peace Art Residency is an invitation to explore how art collaboration, community building and connection to the nature can empower young artists to grow their creative potential to share their voice for peace, solidarity and freedom of expression.
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Privacy notice
Funding period
9/23/22 - 11/21/22
November 2022
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Minimum amount (Start level): 12,000 €

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Primary sustainable development goal

What is this project all about?

We will create an art residency for 8 young artists on a 4 weeks sailing adventure crossing the Atlantic Ocean. We will amplify and facilitate the collaborative art creation through a creflective artistic dialogue, learn how to sail together and document our personal learning experience as an inspiration for the wider art community. We will share the outcomes of our art residency through a final exhibition, a movie being documenting the journey and a photo log book combining the personal stories with the art creation.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We wish to invite to our art residency 8 young artists (we a special focus on Ukrainian artists) from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to create a community to explore together how the connection to nature, the distance to the civilization and the limited space can support the process of creativity and build community. We wish to empower young artists to discover, share and amplify their artistic potential and reflect their role in the society with the focus on Peace and Solidarity.
Our aims are:
- empower young artists to unfold their creative potential in a collaborative group process
- explore art as a voice expressing the call for peace and solidarity
- dive deep into the process of collaborative art creation and the connection to nature as a source of inspiration
- learn together how to facilitate and amplify creativity in a collaborative art space
- reflect the role of art and young artists in a world full of crisis

Why would you support this project?

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” (Picasso)
Living in time of uncertainty and tension it is very important to understand the potential of art as a catalisator and transformative voice guiding society to look beyond the horizon. We wish to empower young artists to share their creative voice in an intense container of togetherness and collaborative creation. With the support of this project we create a learning

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

With the raised money we will cover all the necessary costs to be able to invite the artists to join this unique opportunity to develop their creative potentials and send a message of peace into the world.
we will cover the cost of the boat renting, the travel costs, the food, fuel and creative materials. The printing of the exhibition and the different creative outcomes.

Who are the people behind the project?

Circus Space Pirates Collective ( – We are a group of passionate performers, educators and activists, who have all met through the berlin-based social circus actions. What started out as a small idea, has now turned into something greater, which we wish to share and invite to grow together with everyone who feels the calling to join this journey. Since March 2022 we are also supporting Ukrainian people with circus pedagogical offers at the Ukrainian border:

What are the sustainable development goals of this project?

Primary sustainable development goal


Why does this project contribute to this goal?

Unser Projekt unterstützt die Verbindung von Frieden und künstlerischen Ausdruck: Wir wollen mit den teilnehmenden KünstlerIn über verschiedene Ausdrucksformen unsere kreative Stimme für den Frieden ausdrücken.Wir werden im Projekt die Werte des Friedens und Solidarität im Fokus haben und teilen. Wir wollen auch ins besondere KünstlerInnen aus der kriegsgebeuteten Ukraine einladen am Projekt teilzunehmen. Wir wählen das Segelen als nachhaltige Transport form und reflektieren unseren Konsum dabei

This project also pays toward those goals

Climate action

The crowdfunding project was not successful and can no longer be supported.

  • All orders and payments have been automatically cancelled and reversed.
  • You have questions? Contact the Startnext support team.
What does this mean? 
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Circus Space Pirates Collective
Tomek Lubotzki
Greifswalderstr. 88
10409 Berlin Deutschland

10/22/22 - Wir sehen noch Potential die gewünschte Summe...

Wir sehen noch Potential die gewünschte Summe in den nächsten Wochen zu erhöhen und würden gerne noch breiter die Info streuen, um unser Crowd zu vergrössern.


Flux Ahoi Segelschule

FluxAhoi ist deine Segel- und Sportbootschule, mitten in Berlin. Gegenüber vom Treptower Park haben wir unsere Station auf der A. Köbis auf der Spree, am Ufer der Halbinsel Stralau.
Neben der Motorbootausbildung für die Flüsse und Seen schulen wir au


A creative Hub in Berlin, in the Moosdorfstr. 7-9. where various creatives living together a community culture to empower and support each others creative potential. MOOS is hosting a space for an art residency for interdisciplinary art residencies.

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