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We are super-excited! Finally, we finished developing our collection for the needs of little people! With your support we want to be “Auf Augenhoehe” with the fashion industry. For the first time we are offering a selection of stylish fitting clothes for women and men of short stature. This collection is based on our confectional sizes for women and men affected by achondroplasia. Time-consuming and costly tailoring belongs to the past now. #aufaugenhoehe
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 Auf Augenhoehe - Fashion for little people
 Auf Augenhoehe - Fashion for little people
 Auf Augenhoehe - Fashion for little people

About this project

Funding period 12/4/17 7:21 AM - 1/8/18 11:59 PM
Realisation February - May 2018
Start level 10,000 €

Production of the collection // Tights-collaboration // Covering the costs of the clothes development and campaign expenditures

Category Fashion
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

We want a more fair and equal treatment by the fashion industry concerning people whose body measurements deviate from the usual proportions and standard dimensions.

The fashion label Auf Augenhoehe develops and designs fashion for little people affected by dwarfism and offers a forum of articulation for them. Auf Augenhoehe tries to lead this neglected topic out of its niche existence into society and offers space to think about the meaning of fashion and design.

Until now no international standard sizes exist for people affected by dwarfism. Because of this Auf Augenhoehe is working on the development of these sizes to integrate them into our collections. Auf Augenhoehe represents individual fashion with perfect forms and patterns. Our design is focusing on timeless beautiful looks.

The following special features are included in our collection:

  • The garments are available in different sizes and colors. This way you can put together your individual look.
  • The sizes were developed in the past four years by serial measurements of numerous small people in Germany, Spain, Bolivia and Chile and tested on numerous small people
  • The cuts are adapted to the proportions of little people. During the development of the collection, we paid attention to the special body dimensions of little people and developed intelligent cuts. Here we paid particular attention to the buttocks circumference, the arm and leg lengths and the back shape
  • People of short stature have very special needs regarding their clothing. We therefore use more breathable, lighter and more elastic fabrics
  • Professional development of a sophisticated collection with the help of a strong team of trained tailors, apparel technicians and engineers and the use of modern graphics programs, etc.
  • The clothes are produced by high-quality and fair tailor shops of our network in Germany or in the case of high demand we also seek to collaborate with high-quality and fair production sites in other European countries

The collected funds are used for:

  • The production of a first selected Basic collection with the most important clothes for short women and men, when reaching the funding target of 10,000€
  • The development of new garments to expand our collection
  • The further development of standard sizes for little people. We would like to work for the establishment of a standard size chart for the clothes of small people. As a result, the time-consuming and costly tailoring takes a back seat
  • In case of a high demand for our clothes we would also like to set up a webshop on our website
  • The use of high quality fabrics and materials
  • The development and production of tailor dummies to facilitate the design of new garments
  • The production of mannequins to present our fashion professionally
  • Travel expenses for the presentation of our fashion at fairs
  • Operational costs such as prototype development, tax consulting, etc.
  • We would like to continue to research the development of fitting shoes and to push ahead with the production of a prototype
What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal is to get as many people excited about our idea as possible. For us, it does not matter if you are of short stature or not. Because together with you, we want to put our social vision of the establishment of little people in the fashion world into practice - a topic that we think is currently neglected too much in society! We also offer our expressively designed goodies to people who are not of short stature, e.g. our unique clothes hanger or our premium sports bag, designed by Furkan Altun or our cuddly porcelain mug Touch! made by Kahla.

But of course our project is especially aimed at all the little people who, due to their proportions, have only the children's department at their disposal, which does not live up to the fashionable aspirations of an adult and to little people who no longer feel like spending their valuable time at the tailor but want to wear fashion that looks good and simply fits.


  • The establishment of clothing for short people in the fashion world
  • The use of our self-developed standard sizes, for which several hundred people have been measured in recent years
  • First production and distribution of a stylish and timeless collection for short women and men
  • The use of materials that are tailored to the needs of small people
  • Collaborations with high-quality tailor shops in Germany and in other European countries
  • The development and design of other garments and collections
Why would you support this project?

That’s easy. We can only make a difference in the fashion world together with you. We are positioning ourselves against the neglect of the fashion industry towards people whose body measurements deviate from common proportions. We want to make history with you when we release our first collection for short women and men, into which we have incorporated all of our research findings from the past four years. More reasons can be found below:

  • Our clothing meets the zeitgeist and makes you look cool
  • Our work is not over yet. In the future, we want to continue to work on the standard sizes and fully establish them in the fashion world
  • We have already proven that we can produce stylish clothes. Among other things, we were already represented at the Fashion Week in Berlin
  • Renowned partners like Kahla Porzellan or Glamory tights truly believe in us and support us in the realization of our mission

The only one who is missing is YOU! Support us with a sum of money and choose a great goodie!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The intended funding goal enables us to produce the collection with high-quality and fair tailoring. Depending on the final demand, we either rely on our familiar tailoring network in and around Berlin or work together with fair and high-quality production sites throughout Europe.

If we do NOT reach our funding goal , all supporters will get their money back in the full amount.

Transparency is important to us. Below is an example of a pair of chino pants showing how the prices for our different garments are made up.

  • Production costs
  • Transportation costs, Packaging, Shipping costs
  • Operational costs (Tax Consulting, Services etc.)
  • Startnext Provision & Transactional Costs

This leads to a price of 120 € for a pair of chino pants including VAT and shipping costs for Germany.

***For shipping to other EU countries (11€) or international countries (20€) respective awards have to be added.***

Who are the people behind the project?

Sema Gedik is a passionate fashion designer and has been working on the project Auf Augenhoehe since 2013. Her collections have already been presented at Fashion Week Berlin 2015. She developed all the designs herself and was in constant contact with little people. With her attention to detail, she ensures that people of short stature are provided with cool and tailored clothing.

Laura Knoops is a graphic designer and responsible for branding and marketing at Auf Augenhoehe. After graduating from Visual Communications in Paris, she moved to Berlin about five years ago to work in her profession. Sema & Laura got to know and felt deeply connected with their work and personalities at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) 5 years ago. She is part of the project since Auf Augenhoehe was launched. Laura has developed the trademark that shapes the communication of Auf Augenhoehe and takes care of its web presence.

Jan Siegel was fascinated by the idea of founding a label for little people, when Sema told him about her idea three years ago. Being 2 meters tall he knows the challenge of finding fashionable clothes that also fit well. At Auf Augenhoehe is responsible for strategy and finance.

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Glamory steht für innovative und attraktive Strumpfhosen in erstklassiger Qualität und einer rundum perfekten Passform. Gemeinsam mit Glamory haben wir die erste Strumpfhose für kleinwüchsige Menschen entwickelt.

Kahla Porzellan

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Bundesverband Kleinwüchsige Menschen und ihre Familien e. V. (BKMF)

Deutschlands führender Verband für kleinwüchsige Menschen und ihre Familien mit unermüdlichem Einsatz für jegliche Art von Belangen kleinwüchsiger Menschen.

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Auf Augenhoehe - Fashion for little people

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