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blueReader nfc 2 Bluetooth Adapter
blueReader – the easy way to read NFC tags wirelessly via Bluetooth. Supports all formats, including medical systems like Abbott's Freestyle Libre. [ images just show prototypes (fully functional) ]
28,780 €

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Funding period 9/5/16 12:37 PM - 10/17/16 11:59 PM
Realisation October to December 2016
Minimum amount (Start level) 24,000 €
Category Technology
City Kassel

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What is this project all about?

This project aims to develop a device called blueReader to readiness for series-production.

The blueReader will provide the possibility to read NFC tags via a Bluetooth connection from a PC or smartphone that don't have built in NFC technology.

The idea for this project arose when Abbott's latest product, the Freestyle Libre, came to market. A system that can measure the interstitial glucose level. This system can display the measured levels either on a dedicated hand-held device or an Android smartphone with NFC capabilities.
I wanted to have these features on my devices that don't have built in NFC capabilities, especially iOS devices

The solution consists of a system, the blueReader, that can read the data via NFC technology and forwards it via Bluetooth to another device.

The blueReader currently exists as a set of fully functional prototypes.
The depicted circuit boards and drawings were taken throughout the stages of development of the device.
The finished device will only be slightly bigger than the Libre sensor and will be fully waterproof.

This fund-raiser provides the basis to finish the product and provide it to the general public. Not only will the device be able to be bought ready-made, but furthermore the full source code, wiring diagrams and information about this device will be provided.

The main part of the budget will be used for tests and certification of conformity (CE) and electromagnetic compatibility. Disposal fees for rechargeable batteries, official Bluetooth registration and test production. The blueReader itself has already been developed to preproduction maturity by myself and an electrical engineer.

Please note - this project has no association with and is not endorsed by Abbott.
All product and company names, trademarks, servicemarks, registered trademarks, and registered servicemarks are the property of their respective holders. Their use is for information purposes and does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The goal is to mature the blueReader to series production and obtain the needed certifications for an electrical device in order to distribute and sell the blueReader.

The project will be of interest to people that use a glucose monitor like the Freestyle Libre and want more insight into their glucose levels, and also for any other user who wants to use NFC technology with their existing Bluetooth-enabled devices and upgrade them cost-efficiently with NFC capabilities.

Why would you support this project?

Because this projects aims to provide:

  • A cost efficient method to gain even more insights and alarms for your glucose levels!
  • Every bit of information about the system freely available under an OpenSource license!
  • My commitment to use the earnings from the distribution of the blueReader for further research of open source systems for diabetics!
How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The money will be used to mature the blueReader to be ready for series production and a first batch of experimental devices.

The current prototypes are built for antenna tuning and component evaluation. To get the BlueReader ready for production, tests and certifications with regulators have to be conducted.

If this campaign succeeds, a batch of experimental devices will be produced, the boxing designed and the necessary certificates and test be conducted. After all of this has been done, the experimental devices will be slippet to the supported that have choosen this reward.

If no problems Arosa with the experimental devices, the order page will be opened, and all Supportes with the 20% off reward will be invited to purchase their blueReader. Production and Shopping will start as soon as about 100 Devices are ordered.

If this campaign fails to succeed, I will try other ways to raise the needed money to get this project completed.

Who are the people behind the project?

Sandra Keßler and a growing number of open source developers and technic enthusiats.
Translations and corrections:

  • AdrianLxM
  • jotomo

Algorithms and data analysis:

  • UPetersen
  • (Pierre Vandevenne)

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blueReader nfc 2 Bluetooth Adapter