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In short, BottleCrop is lettuce grown in a bottle with a minimum of effort. Simply setup the system and let the plants put down roots before placing it on a sunny windowsill. The lettuce will be ready for harvesting within a few weeks. No additional watering or care is required! – Only marvel and enjoy!
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What is this project all about?

Today, fresh lettuce and herbs are desired in many private kitchens because they are healthy and also delicious. Even better is the taste of produce which is grown at home. Lucky are those who can call a garden or balcony their own. For all the others, we designed BottleCrop!

In short, BottleCrop is lettuce grown in a bottle with a minimum of effort. Simply setup the system and let the plants put down roots before placing it on a sunny windowsill. The lettuce will be ready for harvesting within a few weeks. No additional watering or care is required! – Only marvel and enjoy!

BottleCrop is the simplest form of hydroponic gardening. There are only three easy steps necessary:

1. Give all the nutrients into the bottle and fill it up with fresh tap water.
2. Prepare the cultivation funnel and put the grain into the propagation cube.
3. Chose a sunny place at your window bench and wait

See the advantages of BottleCrop:

* No refilling of water untill the lettuce is ready
* Watch the root growing at any time
* Your lettuce saves at least 90 percent of water (compared to field cultivation)
* No contamination of your lettuce by soil or pests (e.g. snails)


Reuse BottleCrop again and again. We deliver it with enough seeds, nutrients and propagation soil to grow three lettuces. Afterwards you can buy refill-packs from us.

The lettuce is ready after six to eight weeks (depends on sun irradiation).

Don’t start the cultivation of BottleCrop before March. There won’t be enough sun before that time.

We hopefully are in the position to deliver BottleCrop in January 2014. We will do this at the latest before the beginning of March in any case to give you the chance to start the cultivation on time.

Any more questions? Just write it down on our wall!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goal:

It is our goal to develop a system, which allows anybody to grow their own lettuce or herbs, without the need for a great deal of care. In particular, the continuous watering of the plants will be unnecessary due to precise BottleCrop design. We have exactly identified how our system must be sized to meet the requirements of the plants.

All needed components (except the tap water) will be included in the package (bottle, growing funnel with propagation cubes, protective cardboard, plant seeds, nutrient salts, test strips for water quality and a short but detailed user manual). The basic package includes enough propagation cubes, seeds and nutrient salts for at least three crops. The entire system can be used again and again. After several years of trial and error with satisfying results, we are now ready to produce an initial series of 500 to 1000 units which we plan to distribute to our sponsors and schools for free. If the project is successful, then we will strive for the commercialization of BottleCrop including a further adaption of the system for other plant species.

The target group(s)

The first target group that we want to address is YOU!

You are a prime example of a modern-minded human, who probably lives in an urban area and wants to know where their food originates from. Soon you will be able to grow (on a window sill) and taste for yourself the most water efficient lettuce in the world.

The BottleCrop system also has an educational application. Students can use the system to experience the whole development life cycle of the plant (above AND below the surface). Additionally, the importance of nutrients and their function for plant growth and development can be examined. For this purpose, special “Kits for Kids” will be provided.

Why would you support this project?

We are convinced that our idea for producing vegetables and herbs in simple hydroponic systems can achieve great popularity in modern society. First attempts of this are already available. In order to reduce potential prejudices and to avoid the technical complexity of other systems, we want to start with the system that allows the simplest entry into the hydroponics and ensures the success of plant cultivation.


Besides our primary responsibilities, we, as a young company, want to develop numerous horticultural innovations for the private use in the coming years. The BottleCrop project is a trial by fire with which we want to move forward in a social, business, and personal way.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

For the production of BottleCrop, a large part of the available capital will be needed for the production of our specially developed cultivation funnel. It is the centerpiece of our product and ensures that the lettuce is raised in a proper and desired form. Additional, we will need to design and establish the printed protective cardboard. Even if it is a low-tech concept, it still should look nice on YOUR window sill. Bottles must be acquired, which is problematic since the whole unit should be made in Germany (we want to avoid “Made in China”!). Seeds (no GMO!), propagation cubes and nutrients must be ordered, individually packed and so on.

Even if we eventually want to create a profit from selling BottleCrop commercially in the future, the raised money only goes into the production of this first “limited” series.

Who are the people behind the project?

We (Daniel Brohm and Nico Domurath) are both professional engineers in horticulture and have been working for years in the commercial cultivation of fruits and vegetables in closed hydroponic systems. In addition to our work at the University of Applied Sciences in Dresden, we run our own business “INTEGAR – Institute of Horticulture Technology” since 2010. We advise horticultural companies in many areas, but especially in the area of innovation support. In addition, we promote innovative technologies of our profession. Lately, we have been working increasingly on solutions for building-related production of fresh foods (keyword: Vertical Farming) and the cultivation of plants for the flight to Mars (see videos below for example).

Links to TV shows
MDR um 11 - short report about Vertical Farming (2013/01/17)
Einfach Genial from MDR - Plants in Space (Show from 2013/04/23, from point in time: 16min 26sec)

More videos
Pitch-Video from the starting period
What is Crowdfunding and how does it work? Check the video from our curator page


The crowdfunding project has been successfully completed. Supporting and ordering is no longer available on Startnext.

  • The processing of orders placed will be handled directly by the project owners according to the stated delivery time.

  • The production and delivery is the responsibility of the project owners themselves.

  • Cancellations and returns are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective project owner.

  • Revocations and cancellations via Startnext are no longer possible.

What does this mean? 
Legal notice
INTEGAR - Institut für Technologien im Gartenbau GmbH
Schlüterstraße 29
01277 Dresden Germany

Daniel Brohm, Nico Domurath

Amtsgericht Dresden, HRB 32006

Ust.-IdNr.: DE287670825

2/26/14 - Liebe Fans von BottleCrop!Die offizielle...

Liebe Fans von BottleCrop!Die offizielle Internetseite von unserem Projekt ist heute online gegangen.www.bottlecrop.comHier gibt es alle wichtigen Infos zum Produkt und natürlich einen Shop!Wir danken allen Leuten, die uns über startnext und Dresden-Durchstarter so toll unterstützt haben!

11/7/13 - Gute Nachrichten vom Weihnachtsmann!Du...

Gute Nachrichten vom Weihnachtsmann!Du möchtest BottleCrop zu Weihnachten verschenken? Auch wenn wir BottleCrop erst im Februar ausliefern können, erhalten alle Supporter, die einen BottleCrop bestellt haben auf Wunsch eine Gutscheinkarte als Geschenkersatz (für unter den Weihnachtsbaum). Direkt nach dem erfolgreichen Abschluss des Projektes werden wir jeden von Euch danach fragen.

10/24/13 - Hallo zusammen!Hier ein kleines Update. In...

Hallo zusammen!Hier ein kleines Update. In unserem Pitch-Video sprechen wir noch von 12.000 € die wir für die Realisierung von BottleCrop benötigen. Sicher habt ihr schon mitbekommen, dass es inzwischen „nur“ noch 10.000 € sind. Die Gründe dafür liegen vor allem darin, dass wir, gegenüber unserer ursprünglichen Kalkulation, günstigere Hersteller gefunden und aktuellere Preise für unsere Einzelkomponenten einrechnen konnten. Wir haben auch unser früheres Video wieder online stellen lassen, da wir denken, dass die persönliche Ansprache an unsere Fans und Förderer noch authentischer rüberkommt.Beste Grüße aus Dresden!

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