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"BRITANNIA in Bamberg - Tage der britischen Musik" (A Celebration of British Music) is the title of a festival with classical music by British composers in the UNESCO world heritage city of Bamberg in spring 2015. Our concerts will offer an impressive selection of the rich melodic range and the fascination of British music. We have already got support for some concerts; however, we need more financial support to realize more projects.
Funding period
11/19/14 - 12/21/14
March until May 2015
Website & Social Media
Minimum amount (Start level): €
5,000 €
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Notice on Paying Methods

Margit Brendl
Margit Brendl1 min Lesezeit

By the way, when you do not use PayPal or online banking you can support the project very easily just by transferring money from your bank account to Startnext. You will find the bank code and all necessary details in the third paying method, the so-called “Advance Payment”. As the processing period will take a little bit longer this paying method can only be used until five days before the deadline!

Thank you very much for your support!



Meinhard Saremba
Meinhard Saremba1 min Lesezeit

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