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Buddel Slauch - the bottle holder
The Buddel Slauch helps sailors stay hydrated by enabling them to have a drink bottle handy at all times.
3,170 €
2,400 € Funding goal
Project successful
 Buddel Slauch - the bottle holder
 Buddel Slauch - the bottle holder
 Buddel Slauch - the bottle holder
 Buddel Slauch - the bottle holder


Funding period 3/4/15 9:34 AM o'clock - 4/15/15 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period end of May
Funding goal 2,400 €
Category Design
City Hamburg
What is this project all about?

Buddel Slauch (low-german for bottle tube) consists of two parts: a shaped holder, which can be attached with the high quality 3M double sided adhesive tape and a neoprene with velcro tube that slides over the bottle. This makes it easy to grasp for drinking, especially with wet and cold hands! You can also of course use your favorite drink bottle as the tube fits standard sizes.
There are three Buddel Slauch models available for different uses.
1. Buddel Slauch Dinghy has a holder that meausres 6cm x 6cm and can be attached to any even surface. It comes with a neoprene tube for Standard sport bottles of 750ml capacity.
This model is also suitable for sliding it on a Gurt for holding the Auftriebskörper e.g. in the Optimist.
2. The Buddel Slauch Dinghymast has a holder that fits to a Lasermast and has the same neoprene tube as the Buddel Slauch Jolle.
3. Buddel Slauch Bigboat is designed for 1,5L PET bottles and therefore the holder is 6cm wide and 12cm long. The neoprene tube is dimensioned bigger so it fits the bottle.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The bottle holder is designed for dinghy and big boat sailors who want to have handy access to their drink bottle without having to screw a holder anywhere. This great product can be easily attached to a bulkhead, sidedeck or mast.

Why would you support this project?

Because you are interested in the project and would like to support two young designers going their own way. Of course because you also want to be one of the first to get this unique bottle holder!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

If the funding is successful, we can produce the first series of our bottle holders. We have already found production partners. The neoprene tubes will be sewn at the Elbe-workshop in Hamburg. This a social facility where disabled people have their workplace.
With the rest of the money we gonna buy a 3D printer for making the holder.

Who are the people behind the project?

we are Angy and Stine alias moij design from Hamburg. We love to design products for every part of life that is important to us. Being a sailor herself, Stine wanted to improve the aspect of drinking during a regatta - as you know there is never enough drinking!

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Legal notice
Angelina Erhorn, Stine Paeper 'moij design' GbR
Stine Paeper
Unterelbestraße 10
21073 Hamburg Deutschland

Angelina Erhorn
Steuer-Nr.: 47/602/00420



Im Water Shop gibt es alles rund ums Thema Wasser- und Trinkwasserversorgung für Yachten und Caravans. Zum Sortiment gehören auch hochwertige Edelstahltrinkflaschen, die man natürlich gut mit dem Buddel Slauch kombinieren kann.

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