The Integration Workshop is a non-profit volunteer-run citizen's initiative supported working to build a People's park on the former open-air swimming pool grounds in Unkel as an intercultural meeting point for "old and new neighbors". The project is a contribution to integration, to increasing the economic opportunities of the disadvantaged and to combating prejudice and radicalism both among refugees and in German society.
32,039 €
100,000 € 2nd funding goal
Project successful

Ueber unser Projekt

Funding period 5/7/19 9:42 AM o'clock - 6/5/19 2:00 PM o'clock
Realisation period From now, continuing forever
Funding goal 10,000 €

Much has already been achieved through small donations & volunteer work, but for operating costs & insurance in the coming years we need your help.

2nd funding goal 100,000 €

Renovation of the main building so that the bike workshop and meeting room can also function in winter.

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City Unkel
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Gemeinsam für Vielfalt e.V.
Zachary Gallant
Freiligrathstraße 6a
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Steuernummer: 32/661/54 142 (beim Finanzamt Neuwied)