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A new spin on an old tale: the prince cries, the granny stays away, Cinderella becomes the heroine of her story. Help dismantling gender stereotypes.

To all of you who want to see changes in how women and men are being portrayed in our society! We need help from Cinderella, the children and you. Because the prince is crying, the fairy grandmother is missing, the government has cancelled the education fund and we really want to perform our Cinderella in schools and we also want to pay our artists fairly. Support our campaign to help Cinderella break out of her traditional role and become a true heroine of her story.
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9/18/18 - 10/11/18
October 2018
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Minimum amount (Start level): 3,000 €

So that we can also perform at schools and kindergartens with less money and still can pay the artists fairly.

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What is this project all about?

Cinderella - a fairy tale read to us by our grandparents and shown to our children in cartoons. Virtually everyone knows it - and so we do know the role models that are conveyed in it. But do they correspond to those we want to live?
We want to playfully and critically question this with the youngest in our society. We bring a new version of the fairy tale 'Cinderella' on stage: The characters break out of their roles and take over the plot of the play together with the children. Yes! Boys can show emotions. And yes! Girls can scream and be strong. Just like the new heroes in fairy tales.
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Photos (c) Erik Skoliber
in cooperation with KUD Transformator

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We want to encourage children to do what they want to do - regardless of their gender roles. The play inspires the children to question given roles from media and advertisements and encourages them to shape and develop their roles in society. Thus children will become young adults who decide in their lives the way they want to be - and not the way conditioned and socialized roles of gender demand of them.

Why would you support this project?

Your contribution allows us to play in schools and kindergartens attended by financially weaker children. It is important to us to reach as many children as possible and at the same time not to exploit the artists but to pay them fairly. To fill this gap we need your help! Public funds in Austria are invested in horse relay teams and VIP wedding guests rather than in critical educational work. But what to do? Stop working? Change the themes of our work? No! We want to continue working on what we believe in: a critical, empowered society, and we want to start with the youngest. We can't do this alone, but we need your support.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The money will be invested for performances in financially weaker schools and kindergartens.

Who are the people behind the project?

As Theater der Unterdrückten Wien (TdU Wien) we ask the question about the good life - about possibilities of living together. Answers exist and the ideas and alternatives want to be rehearsed and made liveable. As TdU Wien we create spaces in which new ways of thinking and acting and thus perspectives arise in exchange and dialogue. We criticise inequalities and bring them on stage. Thus we create a platform where we discuss polarizing topics with a broad audience to achieve joint solutions.
Wherever current policy looks away and cuts funds, we go. Art and theatre are our forms of expression and resistance with which we show invisibilities, give voice to minorities and thus expand and actively shape discourses within our systems. TdU Wien has made it its task to work on topics which are shown one sided in our mainstream media and to enable new perspectives on polarizing topics.
We consists of freelance artists who have come together from a wide variety of fields to realise projects that have an impact on society.
Photos (c) Erik Skoliber

TdU Wien

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TdU Wien
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TdU-Wien ist ein gemeinnütziger Verein mit dem Ziel durch Kunst und theatrale Methoden Dialog, Reflexion und mehr Menschlichkeit in unser Miteinander zu bringen.
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KUD Transformator


Transforming individuals and society.

TDU Wien

Gemeinsam wollen wir die Frage stellen, was ein gutes Leben ausmacht. Wir glauben, dass die Alternativen in unserer Welt schon existieren und nur geprobt werden wollen, um gelebt zu werden. Dazu wollen wir aktiv beitragen.

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