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clair-obscur classic lounge - Saxophon zwischen Club und Klassik
Das clair-obscur Saxophonquartett aus Berlin ( produziert mit Eurer Hilfe eine CD mit spannender zeitgenössischer Musik, die sowohl im Club als auch im Konzertsaal für Begeisterung sorgt. Neben Glass, Reich und Zimmermann werden wir ein brandneues Stück aufnehmen: Eine Auftragskomposition von Christian Biegai! Auch diese finanzieren wir mit diesem Projekt.
6,800 €

About this project

Funding period 12/6/12 4:54 PM - 2/6/13 11:59 PM
Start level 6,000 €
Category Music
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

The stimulus for this krautfunding project came from the Berlin based radiostation RBB who want to record a CD (working title classic lounge) with us. The recording costs will be fully covered by them.

The CD then will then be published on the label Spektral Classics. Unfortunately these days it's no longer the standard, that the costs for booklet, layout, production and promotion are fully covered by the label.

Also it would be great to commission a brand new composition for the CD. Which costs money, too...

Our favorite saxophone maker "Selmer" and our favorite woodwind shop "Die Holzbläser" are already supporting the project as our sponsors.
But there's still money missing - and that's where you come in!
Your donation will make this project happen.
(By the way - if we don't reach our financing aim you will get your money back - and we won't get a cent!)

For every donation you make you get a nice present from us (see on the right!)

And now some further details:

This CD focusses on music that can be played in clubs as well as in a concert of contemporary music.
All works on this CD will be world premier recordings.

Newly arranged works by the minimal music greats Steve Reich and Philip Glass will be joined by original works by baltic composers Arvo Pärt and Rihards Dubra.
Also the renowned Berlin based composer Walter Zimmerman (who is a professor for contemporary composition at UdK Berlin) will arrange one of his early, surprisingly meditative works (The Garden of Forgetting) for us.
And the CD will feature a very cool saxophone quartet version of Ligeti's "Hungarian Rock",
and last but not least the recording of the brand new work that we'll commission from our favorite composer Christian Biegai.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

This project is for everybody who likes clair-obscur or the saxophone in general or just saxophone quartet or Christian Biegai.

The aim of this project is to produce a very cool CD and publish it on the label Spektral (,
Also we always aim to broaden the repertoire for saxophone quartet. With all these new or newly arranged pieces on this CD we'll really add a great range of pieces to the canon.
Our final aim is to get Christian Biegai to write a piece for saoxphone quartet - we think it will be a great new work!

Why would you support this project?

In the last few years it has become very popular in Berlin to play classical music in clubs.
Starting of with "Yellow Lounge", followed by "RBB Classic Lounge" and Arte Lounge, clair-obscur was part of this movement and had the opportunity to play in all these lounges.

Inspired and fascinated by this concept we had the idea of recording a CD featuring contemporary music that would work in both environments: concert hall and club.

Music that (maybe not even conciously) uses elements of club music like Drum&Bass or Lounge Music.

With your help there will be 70 minutes of cool contemporary music in this world, all newly arranged or composed for saxophone quartet!

With your support we can make an awesome contemporary music CD!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The fundings will go to publishing the CD "Classic Lounge" on Spektral Classics (that will cost us about 3000€)

We will commission Christian Biegai a piece for saxophone quartet (2000€)

And we'll be able to finance the necessary prerecordings of Steve Reich's Vermont Counterpoint (which originally needs 12 saxophones, so we have to prerecord 8 tracks - unfortunately there won't be enough time for doing that during our RBB recording session) (1000€)

Who are the people behind the project?

Project updates

1/7/14 - <p>warten warten warten:<br/>Die CD...

warten warten warten: Die CD ist aufgenommen, der RBB braucht länger als erwartet mit dem Schneiden, dann muß das ganze noch bei Spektral erscheinen. Wir entschuldigen uns, wir tun was wir können, um Euch die fertige CD so bald wie möglich schicken zu können!

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Henri Selmer Paris

Seit 125 Jahren bereichert HENRI SELMER PARIS den Blasinstrumentenbau mit handwerklicher Vielfalt und technologischen Entwicklungen. Der unverwechselbare Sound, die unvergleichliche Optik und die meisterliche Verarbeitung schätzen namhafte Musiker

Die Holzbläser

Die Holzbläser sind Ihr kompetenter Partner in Sachen Blasinstrumente und Zubehör. Die Holzbläser GmbH Hauptstraße 65 12159 Berlin

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