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Together with my band, The Black Pages, I want to breathe life into new songs and new stories. In April/May of 2018, we want to record the successor to my last album 'Ghosts' (2016).
Funding period
1/22/18 - 4/8/18
Recording: April/Mai 2018.
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Minimum amount (Start level): 10,000 €

We need approx. €10.000 to pay for the whole package:
- Recording (Studio & Mastering, Musicians)
- Artwork/Photography
- Promo
- Production

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What is this project all about?

Two years after 'Ghosts' it is time to discover a new shade of darkness to see if their are cracks in the walls that will allow some light to get in. In short: I want to build upon 'Ghosts' to tell new stories, sing new songs and to add another chapter to the musical story of my life.

Zwei Jahre nach Ghosts ist es an der Zeit, eine neue Facette der Dunkelheit zu erkunden und dabei Risse in den Fassaden aufzudecken, durch die ein bisschen Licht eindringen kann. Kurz: Ich möchte auf den Sound von Ghosts aufbauen und neue Geschichten erzählen, neue Lieder singen und meinem musikalischen Schaffen ein weiteres Kapitel hinzufügen.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Both is really hard to answer. The goal is to record a new album that sounds great, looks wonderful and will ultimately make everyone involved happy.
Over the last two years I have written a bunch of new songs that I would like to show the world and that I believe are really good. At the end of the day, the target group includes everyone who loves music and who would love to be part of a project that - without his or her involvement, would not see the light of day.

Why would you support this project?

Good question! There are numerous reasons, I guess, ranging from "I like the music", "uh, the guy is cute" up to "we know him personally and feel morally obliged, after all, we're his parents". But the truth, I think, is that what makes concerts really special is the moment when people start to get involved, when to lines between audience and artist begins to blur and things get both, personal and emotional. As wonderful as it would be, I can't invite all of you to join me in the studio, but as for the production of the whole thing, we actually can blur the lines, you can get actively involved. If you support this project, you don't only support the courage of a traveling musician trying to live his dream, you don't only support a friend, relative or really cute guy. You are going to become an active part of the album and can ultimately claim that if it hadn't been for you, this album would not exist.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Should the campaign be successful, the money will be spent on renting a studio, paying my musicians, the producer, the engineers. Furthermore, the album needs to be mixed and mastered and promoted. Also a photographer / graphic designer needs to be hired to make the album look as good as it hopefully sounds. If we're really lucky, we might as well be able to make a video. I consider myself lucky to be working with top notch people from all fields, so I know that the money is spent wisely.

Who are the people behind the project?

First and foremost, me. Hi! I'm John Allen, 33 years old, former teacher, now traveling musician for more than three years. The album will contain my songs, I wrote them, I perform them, I sing them. I am more than lucky though, that I found support in my band, The Black Pages, as well as a number of highly talented guest performers that have also helped make Ghost the unique record that it is.

We will record, mix and master at Schalltona Recording in Hamburg. The album will be produced by Kay Petersen (Rantanplan, Featuring Yourself, Liza&Kay) and mixed and mastered by Hannes Haindl.

Artwork will be put together by my good friend Nico Ackermeier from Honeymilk Photography.

"FAOS" will be released through Gunner Records.

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