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Projekte / Social Business
Dharma : Doo & BIA - a better tomorrow t-shirt
We want to support the non-profit organization BIA from Kathmandu through a transparent and sustainable production of T-Shirts. Our Project is based on fairness and consciousness. We also show, how we will work later within the platform Dharma: Doo and how important it is for us to inspire people for our values.
5,562 €
6,500 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
 Dharma : Doo & BIA - a better tomorrow t-shirt


Funding period 03/12/2016 09:16 o'clock - 28/02/2017 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period within 6 months
Funding goal reached 4,500 €
2nd Funding goal 6,500 €
City Dorsten
Category Social Business

What is this project all about?

It's a win win win - situation! -Anyone who is involved in this wonderful production cycle benefits from the workshop participants over the consumer up to the Foundation.
The proceeds of the here presented T-Shirt project, will go to a social Foundation: the Association of BODHISATTVAS IN ACTION, which takes care of disabled people and orphans in Nepal, Tibet and India.
How our plan works:
We buy organic – jersey cotton material from fair factories in Kathmandu / Nepal. With our textile and fashion professional Barbara Nguessan and BoiledWear, we organize a sewing workshop for people who either want to learn to sew or volunteer for our project.
The workshop will take place in the local sewing studio of Freinäher in Dorsten. On two days of the workshop, participants sew with us. Our mentor Barbara Nguessan has created patterns for our individual T-Shirts and will be with us from cutting to the last stitch. Our participants learn the printing of the designs on our handmade produced T-Shirts. This will take place in the Werbezone in Dorsten. For this purpose, we have several designs, which we realized in collaboration with artists from all over the world, our Karma Heros. For the foil and the seam as well as all other materials that make this T-Shirt to a very special and sustainable product, we use only products which do not harm the environment.
At the end, each T-Shirt gets a number, with which you can follow who has sewn the shirt. you will buy a T-Shirt, produced locally, fair and sustainable and with a very special product characteristic: a lot of help to the people of BIA.
Each week, you'll find our current designs and designers from all over the world in our blog.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The goal of our project is to help the people from Kathmandu in a special way. So, we want to involve any supporters in our project. By the income from our handmade T-Shirt production, we would give the people within the BIA foundation the possibility to learn the profession of the tailor. We will provide the necessary financing to buy special sewing machines, which operate exclusively with the hand.
Our target groups are conscious people, they deal with fairness and sustainability towards other people and nature. This is very important for them. These are people who want important information about the production processes and make shure that the transparent approach to the environment, animals and people are the arguments for a buying criterion.

Why would you support this project?

In many countries, it is not possible, to get an education or to attend educational institutions, and to be equipped with all the tools and materials.
Our supporters are actively involved in a process and help us to provide education for the people within the Organization to help themselves.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

After successful financing, we will manufacture all rewards by ourselve and send them to you. In the meantime, we will make further preparations with the BIA foundation to build and equip the new jobs and the working places.
In Germany, we will build a distribution through the Internet portal Dharma: Doo, by addressing sustainable labels and fair clothing companies, which represent our values in order to win them as customers for our t-shirts.This is the way we plan to secure the jobs of the people and give them the opportunity to develop further with us.

Who are the people behind the project?

People and organisations behind the project:
BIA Foundation - Bodhisattvas in Action Foundation from Kathmandu
Founder: Chogyal Rinpoche
Contact information
Swyambhu – 15, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: +977-1-4671014
Email: office@bia-foundation.org
Url: bia-foundation.org
Dharma : Doo

Project Founder: Paul Harazim von Dharma : Doo
Film und Foto: Anika Wagner von Dharma : Doo
Press: Saskia Kuchanny von Dharma : Doo

Project Team:

Employees und supporters:
• Mentor: Barbara Nguessan/ BoiledWear from Bochum
• Sewing Center: Rike Blume/ Freinähern from Dorsten
• Print : Annette Orzechowski/ Werbezone from Dorsten
• Designs: Karma Heros / shirts.dharmadoo.com/designer
• Nakul Devkota from Kathmandu Nepal
• Dori/ Nepalhilfe e.V. from Dortmund
• Fabian & Wolfgang/ degree clothing from Augsburg
• Andeas Bender/Voice Design from Offenbach
• Sabrina & David/ Fairtrademerch from Bielefeld
• Frau Wahl/ Zwergengrün from Marbach
• Felix Blume/ die Direkten from Hamburg
• Frau Mense/ Bioladen Mühle Mense Dorsten
• Timo Adomeit/ Fitness Sport Neugebauer from Dorsten
• Jan Lurbiecki/ Physio-therapy from Dorsten
• Sarah/ alles für Selbermacher from Hamburg
• and many many more

We thank you for the support and your open mind

Legal notice
Dharma : Doo
Paul Harazim
Bestenerstraße 219a
46282 Dorsten Deutschland

Dharma : Doo wird 2017 gegründet


Rike Blume and her company The Freihnäher from Dorsten support us by providing the rooms, so we can sew with our team with really good sewing mashines in a wonderful place. This is an great possibility for us and our project.

Annette Orzechowski is the owner from the Werbezone from Dorsten. She provides the space and the experience needed by us to print our designs on our handmade t-shirts.

Barbara Nguessan,
our mentor within the project in the area of the sewing work, she has developed our pattern and is a very important part of our project.

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