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Dokumentary film Transilvania mea, Of Winners and Losers
The documentary film TRANSILVANIA MEA portrays a differentiated view of the realities of life in Southeast Europe among economic development contention after the fall of socialist structures. Topics: The causes of work and poverty induced migration and the problems resulting from it. The Roma’s situation and corresponding dilemma in their countries of origin. Turbo capitalism, corruption and the role of foreign investors. The development of a new environmental movement.
11,289 €
10,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
Sponsored by Nordstarter - Dein kreatives Projekt aus Hamburg


Funding period 8/14/15 2:32 PM o'clock - 10/18/15 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period Autom 2015 until spring 2016
Funding goal reached 5,000 €
2nd Funding goal reached 10,000 €

The base funding requirement for our documentary film project Transilvania Mea is 5,000 Euros.
Reaching this goal allows us to produce and deliver all of the funding rewards. The base amount guarantees that the film will be produced exactly as we have de

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Ort Hamburg
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Fabian Daub
Große Bergstraße 171
22767 Hamburg Deutschland
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MamiVerlag Rebirth
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